Feefo fit tip #3: Integrate reviews to increase conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

We’re halfway through our Feefo fit journey! Last week, we explored how AdWords Seller Ratings can increase trust and visibility to bring more customers to your website. The next step is building on that trust, to get your customers buying once they arrive.

Businesses can make the most of reviews by ensuring they’re integrated in a way that catches consumers’ eyes and encourages them to buy.

How trust can improve conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

CRO is the method of turning passive website visitors into committed customers. A conversion doesn’t necessarily have to be a purchase; it could be the creation of an account, the completion of a contact form, an app download, or something else entirely.

Persuading a customer to click the ‘buy now’ button can be tough. Unless your customers can be convinced the product or service is exactly what they’re after, they’ll simply head elsewhere; after all, there are enough shopping horror stories out there to back up any hesitation shoppers might have.

It all comes down to a simple equation: building trust = higher conversions. The good news is, there are proven ways to build confidence with customers. Our own research shows that almost seven in ten trust other shoppers’ recommendations, so integrating reviews properly is the first step.

Integrating your reviews – best placement tips & techniques

Find out which site pages could benefit from review integration

Firstly, identify the pages on your site where trust may be an issue. You can do this by looking at the pages visitors exit from the most – the best way to do this is by using Google Analytics. If your checkout page has a high exit rate, for example, integrating reviews or a verified service score next to the order/buy now button is a simple way to reassure customers at this crucial stage, and may stop them from abandoning their cart.

Typically, review integration works best when placed next to a call-to-action, but it can be used to add trust signals to other key pages where visitors may be looking for more information, such as product or service pages.

Spilt test

Split testing is an excellent way to determine whether integrating reviews on a page does make a difference to conversions, or if there’s another issue holding visitors back from converting. Feefo client, Monarch Airlines, ran a split test to measure the impact showcasing reviews had on bookings. During the test, some visitors were shown Monarch’s Feefo service rating close to the basket summary, while others were just given the basket summary.

The results of the test proved that the presence of the Feefo service rating increased consumer confidence and led to a 3.01% uplift in revenue per visitor and a 2.94% increase in total flight bookings.

Integrate product reviews

If you have an ecommerce site, integrating your product reviews is essential. Our research found that over half of UK consumers (66%) say reading reviews is the first thing they do when making purchasing decisions. If there aren’t any present, and they’re not sure about the product, then they are unlikely to buy.

Display your accolades

If your business wins awards or gains recognition for great service and products, it’s important to shout about it. Displaying award badges adds an additional layer of authenticity to your brand, helping to reassure customers that you are reputable.

At Feefo, we seek to reward every business that delivers an exceptional service to their customers, as we believe that consumers greatly benefit from knowing which brands are most trusted. That’s why we run the Trusted Service Awards every year – all winners receive a special badge recognising their achievement which can be placed on their site.

This acts as an excellent trust signal, because businesses must collect at least 50 reviews in a year and achieve a service rating of 4.0 or higher. Gold Trusted Service awards are given to those who attain a rating of at least 4.5. When customers see the Trusted Service badge, they know they’re dealing with a business that consistently delivers a fantastic experience, as rated by real customers.

Start collecting genuine reviews

The Feefo logo is trusted for one key reason – we only collect genuine reviews. Build trust and increase conversions by signing up to Feefo today.

Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s tip: Use reviews as a gateway to better customer relationships.

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