Feefo announces membership with the DMA

What a way to start 2017! We’re thrilled to announce that Feefo have become members of the Direct Marketing Association. 

The DMA is a network of more than 1,000 UK companies – now including Feefo – that connect to share creativity, innovation and marketing ideas. We’re excited to take advantage of the wealth of research and industry guidance that the DMA offers. We are confident that this membership will benefit our ratings and reviews platform – and ultimately, the businesses that use our services.

The DMA is a badge of accreditation, awarded only to companies that meet best practice guidelines. It acknowledges our dedication to transparency and trust within our marketing. The DMA Code goes beyond legal requirements – it is a code of conduct, with a principle aim, to ‘put the customer first’.

At Feefo, we’re proud of the way we work with businesses to improve their offering, based on the insights they can receive from their genuine customers. The objectives of the DMA align perfectly with our own, and we are pleased to be accepted into a leading organisation that is inspiring innovation and creativity in business.

We’ll be sponsoring the DMA’s 2017 Customer Engagement Campaign. This will involve us participating in research programs, attending events, and contributing our expertise into reaching consumers.

As members of the DMA, Feefo endeavors to respect privacy, be honest and fair, diligent with data and to take responsibility for our marketing campaigns. Through the genuine feedback requests we send to customers, we exist to ensure a positive and transparent experience.

We are looking forward to taking advantage of opportunities to share and network with like-minded organisations, and to contribute our own thought-leadership.

Find out more about the Direct Marketing Association, by visiting their website.

Our partnership program can help your business provide an invaluable tool to clients, and rewards you for referrals. To find out more about partnering with Feefo, visit our partners page.

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