Don't worry, your Seller Ratings are safe!

In late 2017, Google dropped the news that review extensions in Google AdWords will stop showing from mid-January. This led some people to believe that Seller Ratings – those engagement boosting star ratings that can appear on ads – were being removed.

Don’t worry! That’s not the case. Your Seller Ratings are safe!

Feefo has a content partnership with Google. That means the genuine reviews that we collect can be fed into AdWords campaigns, and contribute to Seller Ratings. This is a completely different feature to review extensions that are being discontinued by Google.

Fill me in… what’s a review extension?

Review extensions are an ad extension in Google AdWords, allowing users to take customer feedback and insert it as an additional line of text beneath your adverts. There are two types of review extensions; a quoted or paraphrased review.

Here’s an example of an exact quote review extension:


Here’s an example of a paraphrased review extension:


How does this affect my Google AdWords performance?

Like all other ad extensions, review extensions make your adverts more prominent and professional in the search engine results page (SERPs). Promoting third-party feedback acts as a powerful trust signal to potential customers, making them more likely to engage with your advert, and improving your click-through rate (CTR).

Despite Google removing review extensions, Seller Ratings will still show in eligible countries, with all of the benefits (a 17% average increase in CTR, according to Google). It’s more important than ever to make sure you’re making the most of them.

How can I get Seller Ratings?

Seller Ratings only appear if your reviews are collected by a Licensed Google Content Partner – such as Feefo. That’s because they’re verified as genuine.

We can help you to ensure you are meeting the criteria: 150 reviews, collected by a verified partner within a year, and with at least a 3.5 average rating.

There are other ad extensions that can be used such as; sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets.

Better ads, with review based advertising

Feefo’s review based advertising (RBA) approach combines drawing out the rich insight contained with customer reviews, and using that sentiment to enhance ad extensions and advert copy.

As an example, advertisers can utilise our Smart Themes and Performance Profiling technology to identify common feedback themes, use machine-learning to understand what customers are saying about your products and services, and inject that into advert texts and extensions.

Advertisers can use feedback points in their advert text description:

[A '1st Class Service, Hassle Free from Start to Finish' - Speak To An Expert]

Callout extensions can be used to bullet point USPs, offers and review sentiment. Advertisers can add their customer or product rating as a callout i.e. 4.7/5.0 Rating.

As well as other aspects which customers have found important such as ‘Free Delivery’ or ‘Great Deal’ or Quality Material/Product’ etc.

Let’s get started

Google removing AdWords review extensions isn’t the end of the world. There are plenty of opportunities to continue enhancing adverts – including Seller Ratings.

If you’d like a crash course in using Feefo to get the most out of your campaigns, call our PPC team on: 0845 680 0320

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