Customer Service and Customer Experience: What’s the difference?

If we asked you to list what makes a happy customer, we reckon you’d put great customer service at the top of that list. Whilst yes, you’d be right, customer service is just a very small piece of the puzzle.

You know what may have not even made your list? Customer experience. The terms ‘customer service’ and ‘customer experience’ are often thrown around as if they’re the same, and sure, they’re related, but the two are in fact very different things.

Let’s take a look at what sets customer service and customer experience apart.

What is customer service?

You’re probably quite familiar with this one. Simply put, customer service (CS), is the assistance provided to your customers when it’s needed. This is usually done by a customer-facing team, the ‘voice’ of your company, that can provide support, knowledge and answers for your customers.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience (CX), covers every part of the customer journey. This could be a marketing email, a human interaction, your delivery service – everything down to a feeling that your customer experiences when using your service.

If just the mention of your brand fills your customer’s heart with joy, puts a smile on their face, or simply reminds them how much they want to do business with you again, you’ve nailed it. That’s what customer experience is all about.

What are the differences between CS and CX?  

Still confused? Here are the main differences between the two:


Which is more important – customer service or customer experience?

That’s an easy one. Although they are entirely different things, customer service and customer experience are both equally as important when it comes to the success of a business.

Firstly, let’s stress the importance of your amazing customer service team. When there’s an issue, their advice, support and assistance is absolutely vital in keeping your customers happy, and hopefully, coming back for more.

Say you have a customer who has an average, let’s say, mediocre experience with your brand, but doesn’t have any disasters in the process. What use is your incredible customer service team sat at the end of the phone? It’s important that you have them there of course, but without creating an unforgettable customer experience, your brand could leave them feeling a little bit, well, meh.

There are so many things you can do to enhance your customers’ experience, but collecting customer reviews is a pretty good place to start. Collecting feedback at key touchpoints in the journey not only opens your business up to a wealth of insight that can help you improve your business, but makes your customers feel valued and that their opinions matter.

Customer experience should be at the heart of everything you do, and by including top-class customer service as part of your whole package, you can expect happy customers.

Want to know more?

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