Bring service reviews to life with Feefo!

Feefo continue to deliver the very best solutions for their clients, with the launch of Photo and Video Reviews for businesses collecting service reviews.

We understand the power of photo and video reviews; and how User-Generated-Content (UGC) is overtaking traditional advertising as the most trusted and influential way of reaching your customers.

That’s why we launched Photo and Video Review functionality last year, allowing businesses to collect creative, shareable and powerful rich-media content on their products. Since then, we’ve seen some incredible reviews – as we say: a picture paints a thousand words – but a video brings it to life!

Now, we have launched this functionality for clients that collect reviews on their service, enabling every business, whether online or bricks-and-mortar, the opportunity to benefit from the incredible benefits of photo and video reviews.

That means customers can leave videos on their experience – not just the products they’ve bought. This opens up a world of possibilities for businesses: such as videos of the in-store experience, the quality of food in a restaurant or video testimonials. It also enables businesses that don’t collect product reviews, such as booking websites, or finance companies, to still harness the power of video.

It is our mission to ensure that all businesses using Feefo are benefiting from the latest innovations in the reviews sector – that’s why Photo and Video Review functionality comes as standard.

With videos more than 40 times more likely to be shared on social media, and UGC 50% more trusted than traditional advertising by millennials – the largest generation, there is no better time to start asking your customers to bring their experiences to life with video reviews! Read our Video Reviews Guide to get the most out of the functionality.

Need more help, or questions answered? Head over to your Feefo Support Portal.

Not using Feefo to collect your reviews? You’re in the right place! Our award-winning platform puts the power of genuine customer feedback in your hands, helping you to boost your online presence, increase sales and create valuable insight to propel your business.

Get on board with Feefo – with Photo and Video Reviews as standard – by calling 0203 5530 354 or by getting in touch.


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