Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 8 tips to boost your PPC ads

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are looming. That means mega deals, chaos on the high-street – and the potential to send sales soaring.

In the run up to Friday 23th and Monday 26th, businesses will be doing everything they can to promote their products and drive bargain hunters to their brand. But if you’re not maximising your PPC text adverts, you could be missing out on a ton of traffic – and plenty of business potential.

Our resident PPC Specialist, Alex, takes us through his top tips that every business should be ticking off when it comes to their PPC adverts.

1. Increase budget significantly!

Search traffic over the Black Friday weekend skyrockets, so you need to make sure you have enough budget to fund your ad campaigns. This may mean putting some budget aside for the Black Friday period or allocating additional budget. Mobile searches containing the phrase 'Black Friday' have increased by 80% over the past two years.

Searches for popular products, such as games consoles and mobile phones, also rise significantly - so make sure you're bidding on the most relevant keywords!

black friday xbox.png

2. Create Shopping campaigns for your most important products

If you're already using Shopping ads, it may be worthwhile pulling the products that are most profitable into their own campaign, so you can set aside budget for those specific items. You could also do this for products with the best deals. 

3. Add a countdown to your adverts

Whether a ticking time-bomb or looming deadline; urgency adds interest. It’s simple to add this sense of momentum with a teasing countdown on your advert. This highlights the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale launch.

It can also be added to show when the event will finish, to add an even greater sense of urgency.

How do I do it?

To add a countdown to your ad, simply add a left brace bracket ( { ) which will provide a drop down of ad customisations you can use.


Once you have added the countdown option, your advert will contain the time until the specified time of the event.


4. Implement IF functions to your advert

Delivering a targeted, relevant message at the right time, is key to advert success. This is true anytime, but especially during Black Friday, when competition is fierce.

‘IF’ functions allow you to alter the message in your advert if a specific condition is met, or use the default message if not.


How do I do it?

There are two condition types:

  • The device condition enables you to promote mobile apps or specific messaging to mobile users.BF_PPC_Ad4.fw.png
  • The audience condition enables you to promote a specific message to different individuals within your audience lists.


5. List Black Friday & Cyber Monday callouts

The callout advert extension bullet points USPs such as ‘Free Delivery’ or ‘Next Day Delivery’. Callouts can also be used for highlighting offers such as ‘60% Off’ and adding in ‘Black Friday Offers’ to make your advert stand out with sale-savvy shoppers.

BF_PPC_Ad6.fw.pngHow do I do it?

Callout extensions can be found in the ad extensions tab with a simple list that you can populate.

6. Apply promotion extensions

The promotion advert extension allows you to apply a special offer to your advert.BF_PPC_Ad7.fw.png

You can also add promotional details such as ‘orders over’ or promotional codes.


Promotion extensions are found in the ad extensions tab with an easy step-by-step walkthrough.

7. Get your reviews and seller ratings in place

Using the reviews of your customers within your ads can give them an extra edge of confidence-boosting credibility.

There’s a couple of ways to do this: review extensions, and seller rating extensions.

Review extensions can be implemented by simply looking through your customers reviews, and copying them into the review extension within Google Ads.BF_PPC_Ad9.fw.pngIf you collect reviews with a Google Licensed Content Partner, like Feefo, and meet the criteria of having collected 100 reviews within a year with an average of 3.5 stars, you may be eligible for seller ratings. These ratings appear as stars, with a numeric rating.BF_PPC_Ad11.fw.png

Seller ratings provide trust signals to a potential customer and significantly increase click-through rate – up to 17% on average according to Google - when compared to another advert without them.

8. Ad schedule & time of day bid adjustments

Black Friday and Cyber Monday see users browsing and buying at all sorts of times of the day. You can ensure your ad is more likely to be seen at key times, by adjusting your bids.

Segment your ad schedule into time (example below) and make bid adjustments at peak times; such as before working hours, lunchtime and the rush hour home!


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