Add a personal touch, with Feefo Campaign Manager

Keeping communication fresh and relevant to every customer can be a challenge. Across every touch-point, you work hard to bring an experience that reflects your brand – so why should your reviews platform get in the way?

Taking personalisation to the next level, we’ve upgraded E-mail Preferences within the Feefo platform. Introducing Feefo Campaigns – putting you in control of your feedback.

We work hard to help you celebrate what makes your brand… your brand… and inject the personality of your business into every touchpoint.

We’ve just upped the anté, helping you to take custom review requests to the next level! With Feefo Campaign Manager we put the power in your hands;allowing you to customise your feedback request e-mails like never before.

This gives you unprecedented control over your feedback requests, but most importantly, allows you to inject your brand into the review process. Personalised e-mail campaigns get more clicks and better interactions: that’s why we’re giving businesses the opportunity to tailor their feedback requests to provide the best customer experience.

Research shows that digital marketers find the biggest challenges with personalisation are: gaining insight quickly enough (40%), having enough data (39%), and inaccurate data (38%). Feefo Campaign Manager tackles all of these issues, by integrating seamlessly with Feefo feedback requests.

Total control, with multiple campaigns.

To fully take control of your feedbacjk requests, unlock multiple campaign functionality. This allows you to create unlimited campaigns, bespoke to every touch point, and monitor their performance - right from within the Feefo interface.

The best bit – the benefits of Campaigns are completely in your hands – and effortless to implement. Within a few clicks, bespoke campaigns can be created, customised and scheduled.

There are many benefits of personalising your feedback requests. Not only can it help increase click through and response rates, you can also control your display settings and the insight you capture.

Tap into a greater response rate, with Feefo SMS

When 98% of text message are read, why not skip the inbox, and go straight to where your customers spend most of their time?

Introducing Feefo SMS: the latest review boosting innovation, taking response rates to the next level!

We’ve made it easy to send feedback requests via text. This powerful upgrade is available to all Feefo clients, and works seamlessly with Campaign Manager, allowing you to personalise feedback requests, and send them when you want – the way you want.

Get all of the information Feefo SMS.

Use Campaign Manager to tailor your feedback requests, improve responses and, with multiple campaign functionality, create multiple bespoke campaigns – right from within the Feefo interface.

  • Increase response rates, through highly engaging, relevant and personalised content
  • Improve insight relevancy, by tailoring questions
  • Customise every touchpoint on the fly, with intuitive management tools
  • Complete control: create campaigns for specific offers, customers or journeys
  • Add Feefo SMS to send tailored text message feedback requests

Need more information?

Whether you are already collecting reviews with Feefo, activating Campaign Manager is hassle free. Get in touch with the Feefo Team to set up your account, or add the functionality to your existing package.


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