7 things you (probably) didn't know you could do with Feefo

Whether you’re a Feefo user or not, you probably associate us with customer feedback that you can trust. Whilst collecting real reviews from real customers is something we’re immensely proud of, there’s so much more to our platform – reviews are just the beginning.

Feefo gives businesses around the world the tools and insight they need to learn more about their customers, build stronger relationships, enhance their customer experience and build a loyal customer base, and here are just a few ways we do just that.

1.  You can measure your CSAT (customer satisfaction score) or CES (customer effort score)

Listening to your customers and getting a clear understanding of how they’re feeling is key to measuring your customer experience – a practise which is becoming increasingly integral to customer retention.

There are plenty of metrics and tools out there to gauge CX, perhaps the most popular being customer satisfaction score (or CSAT). A vital metric for customer support that measures how satisfied customers are with a certain experience, CSAT is usually determined by asking customers questions, whether that be via a single question or a longer survey. Using Feefo Surveys, you can add this question to a pre-existing set of questions, or simply ask this question alone to generate feedback about a specific part of the customer journey, such as an interaction with customer support, or a visit to your site.

Customer Effort Score (or CES) measures the user experience, with the customer rating on a five- or seven-point scale ranging from ‘very difficult’ to ‘very easy’. Much like CSAT, you can add this simple question across any touchpoint to address any issues your customers are having with using your products or your service.

You can find out more about measuring customer experience here, or you can head here to read more about Feefo Surveys.

2. You can get more detail from your product review than a single rating

Did you know that rather than just collect one single rating from your customers, you can dig a little deeper and find out exactly what your customers like and dislike about your products? By using product attributes within your feedback requests, you can ask for more targeted feedback and gain some valuable insight – all as part of Feefo’s core package.

Say you’re in the automotive industry, for example. You can send your customers a feedback request asking what they thought of the performance, the condition, and the comfort of their new car. If you’re in travel, you may want to know what your customers think about the location, value for money and the amenities of their last trip. You can set up different attributes for different products too, so if you sell a variety of different items, you can tailor the attributes to each.

By breaking down what your customers really think of your product, you don’t just get a star rating, you get the reasoning behind it, so you can pinpoint which aspects of your products your customers love, and which could do with some improvement. Better still, your product attributes can appear on the On-page Reviews widget, so your customers can get a better idea of the details of your products before they buy – another great trust signal which could help to boost conversion!

Product attributes can be added through the sales file or predefined in the product catalogue. For more information about how to do this, head over to the Knowledge Base.

3. You can get to know your business inside-out with our reporting suite

Your customer feedback contains so much more than just a star rating. By taking a deep dive into the customer insight that’s available to you, you can improve your marketing campaigns, strengthen your customer service, guide your sales team and even better understand your own team. Our reporting suite is packed full of tools which are designed to get the most out of your feedback. Our reports cover the basics, from getting an overall view of your customer feedback and your response rates, to more in-depth insight such as individual product performance and what time of day your feedback requests get the best response.

To read more about the reports that may have gone under your radar, take a look at our blog to discover how our reports can help you get everything you can from your customer insight.

4. Your Feefo rating isn’t just for your website

Trust signals across your entire customer journey are important, and there’s absolutely no reason why they should be limited to your website. By adding signals, such as your Feefo rating, across multiple customer touchpoints, you don’t just instil that ever-important confidence in your brand, you also give your customers an opportunity to take a look through your genuine customer feedback by linking the badge to your customer reviews.

We offer a selection of badges which display your service or product rating. As these are dynamically generated, your star rating and number of reviews will continue to update as your feedback changes. These badges are available in several different styles, some of which are perfect to use within your email signatures.

Choosing a Feefo badge for your email signature is simple. Just head to the Widgets Gallery within the Marketing tab of the Feefo Hub to get started, or read more about Feefo badges here.

5. You can ensure your customers have used your product before asking them for their opinion

Don’t make the mistake of putting your feedback responses at risk because you’re asking for a review at the wrong time. The only way you can better your products and service is by relying on the genuine views of your customers, so make sure you’re giving them the right opportunity to do so. Enabling Feefo’s ‘Not tried yet’ option on your feedback forms means you can give your customers a little more time to try your product before they submit a review.

When you enable this option, a tick-box will appear on your feedback form which says ‘I’ve not tried this yet’, and an additional feedback request will be sent after however many days you specify in your feedback preferences. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this can be found in the Knowledge Base.

6. Tagging your Feefo data can give you, and your customers, even more visibility

Tagging your data is the key to getting the most from your campaigns and reports. There are so many ways you can use tags, but here a couple that could help you get that piece of valuable insight you’re after!

By tagging individual members of your team that dealt with a sale, or different branches and stores that the sale came from, you can get visibility of their performance when the feedback comes in. This isn’t just handy when reporting – it can be really useful for your customers, too. Once the tag filter has been enabled, the tagged data can be seen on your public page. This means that your customers can look through the reviews associated with individual members of your team, or a particular branch.

Tags can also be assigned to help you differentiate between your campaigns if you have Campaign Manager Tool enabled. If you are an estate agent, for example, you could tag data from your landlords and tenants separately so that they receive feedback requests tailored to them.

7.  You can gather customer insight without the need for a transaction

Customer reviews are great for getting feedback from genuine customers, but you don’t have to limit your customer insight to your transactions. There are so many touchpoints along the customer journey that could benefit from some customer insight, whether that be the first visit to your website, a call with your customer support team or a chat with the sales team. With Feefo Surveys, you can send out a survey using a link, distributing it wherever you like – that could be on live chat, in an email, on social media – anywhere! With no transaction necessary, you can gather customer insight from every part of the customer journey, perhaps even catching those customers who slipped through the net to find out their reasons why they didn’t convert, giving you a well-rounded view of your business.

If you’d like to find out more about any of these Feefo features, or have any questions about putting them into action, get in touch with our friendly team!


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