4 ways travel brands should be using social media

Long gone are the days when travel businesses could post a beautiful travel photo and watch the likes and shares roll in. With so many brands using social media to sell holidays and promote accommodation, how can you make a splash on your chosen platforms?

Europe’s biggest travel expo, WTM, happening this week (catch us at stand TT715!) and social media is set to be a hot topic. With this in mind, we explore four ways you should be using social media to get ahead of the competition.

1. Appeal to Generation Z

Born between 1997 and 2010, Generation Z are your youngest potential customers and they want very different things than their Millennial counterparts. Honest and authentic experiences are what matter most, so if you want to attract younger travellers, don’t just focus on tourist hotspots.

Use social media to show the real lives of the people and cultures in each destination. User-generated content created by other Gen Z travellers will tell others about the kind of experiences they can expect to have if they book with you.

Social responsibility is also important to Gen Zs, so a focus on ethical travel can help grab their attention.

2. Share details, not just pretty pictures


They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, sometimes even the prettiest beaches and stunning cityscapes need a little more info to really bring them to life.

Tag each post with exact locations and tell a story with every image. You could give some insight into the history, culture, people, weather, food – whatever you think will appeal to your followers!

3. Only use influencers that post genuine, well-researched content

Many travel brands are paying thousands to partner with influencers, but how do you choose who to work with and how do you know they’re doing a good job?

Don’t focus on follower numbers – look at what they post. Are their posts authentic? Do they tell a story? Are they relatable? Too often, influencers focus on posting jaw-dropping photos of luxury holidays that their followers may never be able to enjoy. That’s not going to inspire anyone to book a holiday with your brand, they’ll just see your experiences as unachievable.

According to research from GlobalWebIndex, the top three factors that make holidaymakers choose one destination over another are: the weather (63%), local history and culture (50%), and nature and wildlife (46%), so make sure the influencers you pick talk about the things that matter to you and your customers.

4. Make it accessible


Don’t forget about disabled travellers, can they access your content? Do they feel represented in your branding?

Doing something as simple as filling out the alt text box for images when posting a tweet or including subtitles/audio description on a video can make all the difference to deaf and blind social media users. It may only impact a small percentage of your audience but making these small additions will really help you brand stand out amongst other travel businesses.

Working with disabled travel influencers is another great way to show how inclusive and accessible your brand is, so make sure you work with a variety of different influencers, from different backgrounds, with different audiences.

Start using genuine reviews to promote your travel brand on social

Using influencers and professional photographers to promote your travel brand is all well and good, but nothing beats the genuine experiences from your real customers. Collecting photo and video reviews from your customers is a great way to build trust in your brand and show what a holiday with you is really like.

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