Brand safety

Safeguard your brand reputation and help strengthen consumer confidence with Feefo, offering complete peace of mind and added security checks that cancel out offensive feedback.

Eliminating fake reviews 

We protect against misleading feedback by only publishing verified reviews. Promote an authentic customer voice in review content to boost sales, improve reputation and build more trust over your competition.

Verified, every time.

Feefo believes in preserving the value of verified data. That’s why feedback requests go directly to genuine customers, meaning the product and service feedback received is always real and 100% verified from a community of like-minded shoppers. 

More honest feedback

Cultivate lasting customer relationships and grow the bond with new and existing buyers over time, without the need to incentivise, and become a brand that people rely on, with reviews they can trust. 

Influence and inform

Feefo reviews are a widely recognised symbol of credibility and promoting informative product and service reviews on your site and social channels will inspire customers to feel safer about buying from you.


Moderating feedback 

Our compliance team use a blend of human moderation and AI technology to maintain and ensure only genuine reviews are collected and published. In this way, we’re able to safeguard your online reputation and protect everyone from unwelcome or offensive content.

We publish 100% of all verified customer reviews, unless they violate one of our strict grounds for removal: 

  • Bad language

  • Discrimination  

  • Confidential information 

  • Litigious comments 

  • Fake reviews 

  • Spam or phishing

  • Inappropriate content  

  • Competitor comments

If you receive a piece of feedback you feel should be removed, we make it easy to flag the review for moderation directly from within your customer dashboard.

Maintaining integrity

Totally transparent

We only remove reviews in exceptional circumstances. Fair and honest feedback is encouraged, because it informs consumers and helps businesses learn.

A matter of opinion

We don’t remove subjective reviews unless they breach the above terms. Offering a rounded view ultimately builds trust and strengthens customer relationships.

Resolving issues

Customers use feedback to raise problems. Publishing their feelings means you can address the situation publicly and constructively for everyone to see.

An opportunity to improve

A negative review isn’t always the end of the story. Acting quickly to turn things around and your customer will often update their feedback to something more positive. 

You can read a more detailed guide to our review guidelines here.

Removing reviews


Keeping reviews compliant 

Our compliance team uses moderation tools to shield customers from unsavoury material that may appear in feedback such as profanity, racism, and sexually explicit content. When we spot something falls short of accepted standards or doesn’t look right, we quarantine it to help safeguard your online reputation.