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Only companies using Feefo can completely trust their feedback.  As the world's largest verified reviews platform, we know authenticity is important. And that's why only customers who have interacted with your business can be invited to leave a review.

We're here to help you take your business to new heights, using trusted customer data to listen, learn, know and grow.

Collecting customer reviews will help increase sales, boost traffic and improve your brand's reputation. Choose Feefo and team up with a platform that will help you achieve your business goals faster.


  • Invite-only reviews protect you from fake reviews
  • Make informed decisions from verified, quality data
  • Add stars and ratings to search results and social feeds
  • Receive outstanding in-house USA based support

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How Feefo can work for you

Build customer confidence

Feefo’s verified reviews provide you with the insight you need to deliver exceptional services that your customers can depend on - every time.

Receive genuine customer insight

With invite-only review requests you’ll receive real feedback from verified customers, providing you with reliable and constructive customer reviews you can learn from and display.

Power sales with business insight

Customer reviews drive increased online conversions. Plus, actionable insight from your customer feedback helps grow your business.

Control customer communications

Show that you’re a brand that cares, with customised communications. You can listen to your customers’ feedback and tailor your responses quickly and easily.

Grow web traffic

Fresh review content improves SEO as well as creating a higher CTR from paid ads. And Feefo’s custom integrations with leading marketing platforms such as Google, Meta and Shopify help drive traffic to your site.

Invited reviews vs open reviews

At Feefo, we collect customer reviews from verified customers, sending them invitations to leave reviews, making us an invite-only reviews platform. This verified approach is what sets you free from fake reviews. The alternative method is an open reviews platform, where anyone can leave feedback about your business.

We have a look at the pros and cons of the two types of review platform below.


  • No one can leave fake or spam reviews on your site, as only genuine customers are invited to leave feedback.
  • You can trust your reports, as you know that irrelevant, spam or fake reviews aren’t skewing your results.
  • The majority of consumers trust invite-only platforms as they prevent the presence of fake reviews.
  • Customers often don’t need to sign up or login to an account to leave a review because their feedback is tied to a specific sale or interaction, so the business knows exactly who the reviewer is.


  • More difficult to collect feedback from someone who didn’t make a purchase – unless you also run surveys or use Feefo Places.
  • You may collect fewer reviews because people can’t just search for you and leave feedback.
  • You need to be proactive about collecting feedback – although Feefo’s tools make this easy to manage.

Open review platforms


  • Potential to collect a higher volume of feedback as anyone can leave a review.
  • Easier to get feedback from people who have used your business but not necessarily made a purchase.
  • Some consumers like the fact that anyone can leave feedback.


  • Significant chance of receiving fake reviews from competitors and spam accounts, as verifying whether or not someone has used your business can be difficult, unless they have proof of purchase.
  • Flagging and removing fake feedback can be time-consuming and hard, which means your reputation is at risk.
  • Some consumers don’t trust open review platforms due to how easy it is for businesses to pay for fake feedback.
  • Your review reports may be skewed due to fake or irrelevant reviews.
  • Open review platforms tend to operate more like comparison sites, which means you risk losing potential customers to competitors.
  • Consumers may have to sign up or create a profile to leave a review, which means more effort for them.

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“At By Sarah London we are about quality, transparency and trust, which is why Feefo works so well for us. That sense of connection it gives us informs much of what we do. We can connect with customers in a way many other legacy brands cannot.”

- Lauren Murrell, Co-Owner, By Sarah London