Putting trust in the
automotive industry

We’re proud to be the platform of choice for some of the most respected brands in the automotive industry.

We provide everything automotive businesses need to connect with their customers and build unforgettable experiences, all in one easy-to-manage solution. Using reliable reviews from confirmed customers, our automotive clients benefit from high-quality insight, built on feedback they can trust.

We work closely with manufacturers, dealers and leasing companies to help them:

Understand customers better

Get a clear view of every part of the customer experience, from
new and used sales to test drives and everything in between.

Strengthen consumer interaction

Build stronger customer relationships and increase consumer
confidence in their brand and dealerships.

Get powerful insight

Use AI technology to easily get actionable insights at a model, dealership or personnel level.

Drive more sales

Increase traffic and encourage more enquiries, test-drive requests and sales - both directly and through dealership networks.




“Feefo has helped us give our web pages a far more engaging, human feel that makes our visitors want to stay longer. Feefo empowers our customers to set their own stamp on the website.”

Jonny Evans, Digital User Experience & E-Commerce Manager, Vauxhall

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Campaign Manager Tool

Ask your customers for feedback at any point of the journey, from test drives to the final sale and servicing. Offer a personalised service by customising your feedback requests to help you collect even more relevant customer insight.

Feefo Places

Measure individual store performance - whether you have a chain of showrooms, stores or offices. Create unique codes for each of your branches and share them with your customers to start collecting their feedback, so you can identify strong and weak locations across your business.

Net Promoter Score

Measure the loyalty of customers, predict growth and evaluate your market position.

In any car buying journey, there are key points where you can win and lose customers, and you need to know exactly where they are. Collecting a Net Promoter Score across these key touchpoints alerts you to where you might be losing potential customers so you can quickly rectify any issues.

Feefo will alert you when you reach a high score so you can share your achievement; and when you’ve hit a low score, you can concentrate on improving your service.


synergy_Grey 2

“Delivering an exceptional customer experience underpins Synergy Car Leasing’s every action. As the world’s most trusted independent ratings and reviews platform, Feefo transparently and independently verifies our customer reviews in real time, enabling us to track our “world class” Net Promoter Score of 94.”

Paul Parkinson, CEO & Founder of Synergy Car Leasing

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Smart Themes

Your customers want reassurance from buyers like them. Help your customers find the feedback that matters and reduce the risk of them looking elsewhere. Our machine-learning technology automatically organises your reviews into topics - such as ‘safety features’, ‘performance’ and ‘interior’, so your customers can make better buying decisions with a tailored shopping experience. By filtering feedback by the topics relevant to them, your customers can find the information
they need to convince them to take the next step with your business.


Get quick feedback whenever you need it by sharing a simple link to existing and potential customers, across any touchpoint. Whether you’re looking for feedback about your website, customer service, booking system or aftercare, Surveys allow you to gain vital insight into your brand and your customer experience.



“We’ve always believed in the power of customer advocacy… we wanted a partner that gave visitors to our site a real assurance that the reviews they were reading were from verified owners, and Feefo is a well-established brand that gives us exactly that.”

John Bache, Digital and Data Optimisation Manager, Mazda UK

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Whether online or in the showroom, Feefo can help you stand out as a brand that consumers can trust.

To find out more about how Feefo can help you maximise the impact of your customer feedback, get in touch with one of our automotive experts.