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Smart Themes

Intuitive machine learning technology, powering your review integration

Integration has evolved

We know how influential user-generated reviews are on buying habits. During the research phase, customers actively seek out the ratings and reviews of other shoppers to build confidence and inform their purchases.

Feefo have always offered tools to integrate reviews for individual products, directly on-page, where they will get the most exposure, and have the best chance of nurturing a conversion.

Smart Themes is a powerful enhancement to on-page reviews, that helps customers instantly find the information they’re looking for, in real-time, using the latest in machine learning technology.


Smarter decisions made simple

  • Smart Themes automatically tracks customer sentiment across all reviews, decides what the most popular themes are, and collates reviews into convenient topics
  • Customers searching for the right product, e.g. perfume, they can drill down into reviews based on scent, gift suitability or price, and read only the reviews that matter to them
  • Smart Themes continually learns what customers are most interested in, to always display the most relevant topics
  • Unparalleled level of filtering options provides relevant, on-the-fly information to help customers feel confident in clicking the ‘buy-now’ button.

For businesses that demand the best

Customers rely on increasingly efficient solutions to solve everyday problems. For online shopping, this means providing a convenient journey, with all of the information they need, in one place.

Feefo are leading the way in review machine-learning. We are the first customer reviews platform to offer technology of this type outside of the travel industry.

Smart Themes enables you to be the business that customers rely on for reliable, super-fast decision making. Keep consumers on-site, remove the need for a second opinion, and fuel increased conversions.

Smart Themes syncs with the Feefo on page reviews Plugin, meaning there is no additional coding to consider. Simply activate Smart Themes, and reap the benefits of machine learning.