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Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is your control center for personalizing feedback requests, forms and touch points. Enhance the customer journey and inject your brand, to deliver a tailored experience that increases engagement, wins clicks and provides you with unparalleled insight.

Add a personal touch

With Feefo Campaign Manager we put the power in your hands; allowing you to customize your feedback request emails like never before.

This gives you unprecedented control over your feedback requests, but most importantly, allows you to inject your brand into the review process. Personalized email campaigns get more clicks and better interactions: that’s why we’re giving businesses the opportunity to tailor their feedback requests to provide the best customer experience.

The good stuff

  • Increase response rates, through highly engaging, relevant and personalized content 
  • Get the insight you need, by tailoring feedback forms and questions to your audience 
  • Customize your touch points on the fly, with intuitive management tools
  • Complete control, with multiple campaigns: create a campaign for a specific offer, time of year or customer journey


Multiple campaigns

Unlock Multiple Campaign functionality and fully take control. This allows you to create unlimited campaigns, custom to every touch point, and monitor their performance – right from within the Feefo interface.

The benefits of Campaigns are completely in your hands – and effortless to implement. Within a few clicks, custom campaigns can be created, customized and scheduled. The performance of each can be monitored, and changes made on the fly to ensure you are maximizing click-through and response rates.