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Net Promoter Score®

Net Promoter® is used by the world’s biggest brands to measure customer loyalty, predict growth and evaluate market position. It’s simple, powerful and integrates seamlessly within Feefo feedback forms.

The simple way to measure customer loyalty

NPS® uses just one question to instantly establish the loyalty of individual customers. Based on their answer, the NPS® metric can immediately determine the level of advocacy, whether a promoter, passive or detractor.

The benefits

  • Net Promoter Score® integrates seamlessly with Feefo feedback forms, maximising responses, without getting in the way
  • Set up alerts based on scores, helping you to drill down into the sentiment behind the number
  • According to Bain & Company, Net Promoter leaders grow at twice the rate of competitors, on average

Your score is just the start

Scored a 9 or 10? Feefo alerts you when promoters are singing your praises, allowing you to share the good news. Received a low score? This is the opportunity to find out why. Your Net Promoter Score® is calculated based on the number of promoters and detractors that have rated your business, and can be used to benchmark against competitors.

Maximise the loyalty of your brand advocates, and take steps to prevent passive customers from taking their business elsewhere. Combining the simple metric of NPS®, with detailed analytics and reporting offered by the Feefo reporting suite, your score becomes a tool to understand and optimise your customer responses.

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