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Feefo Places

It's not all about online! Never miss out on valuable insight, by using our clever solutions for collecting feedback from genuine customers within your bricks and mortar locations.

Reviews collected in the right place, at the right time

High street businesses can benefit from Feefo review collection, with our intuitive bricks-and-mortar solution. Customer data is king: knowing what your customers buy and what they think of their in-store shopping experience is invaluable. Capture it, with Feefo Places. It’s easy to implement, hassle-free, and syncs seamlessly with your Feefo dashboard.

For every location

Understanding the customer experience in specific stores is easy with Feefo Places. With our solution tailored to provide insights at location level, you’re able to collect feedback from customers, and identify the exact store or sales representative they bought from. Combined with the powerful Feefo Reporting Suite, this feedback fuels rich data, allowing you to drill down to identify strong performing locations, and address any issues.

How does it work?

Feefo Places can be integrated into practically any setup, thanks to a range of options:

· Send us data
If you already collect customer data via EPOS, or a similar system, simply send that data to Feefo – and we’ll do the rest. We email your customers, inviting them to share their experience with a personal email, and feeding the results to your Feefo dashboard.

· Unique codes
Void any lengthy technical setup with our code verification system. We generate a unique code for each customer, linked to your specific store location, making it simple for them to leave feedback through our website.

· eReceipts
Go paperless, with eReceipts. Customers opt to have their receipt emailed, allowing easier storage, reducing waste, and providing you all the details for Feefo to invite them to leave their review.

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