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The average consumer spends 13 hours on online research when making an automotive-related purchase, so, whether you’re selling or leasing cars, or offering motoring parts and accessories, demonstrating trust and transparency at each stage of the customer journey is essential. 


We work with some of the UK’s leading automotive brands and dealerships, including Motorpoint, Sturgess Motor Group and Big Motoring World, inviting their genuine customers to leave feedback which can be showcased to demonstrate their levels of service and increase confidence - so they become customers' number one choice.  

When customers are researching their options, make sure that you become a front- runner by grabbing their attention through displaying your star rating in organic and paid listings, as well as increasing your visibility thanks to our partnership with Google. We’ll even show your reviews next to your listings on AutoTrader.

As customers compare similar businesses, distinguish yourself from your competition by integrating your reviews on your website and across all marketing channels, so people can see exactly what customers have to say about your brand.  

Provide a service that gives a green light

Our reporting suite helps you to build better customer relationships, allowing you to create a loyal customer base who are more likely to recommend you others. Reply to every review to show you care about your customers, including negative feeback, which is essential to show where you can improve.

The benefits don’t stop there; Feefo offers a whole host of features, allowing us to create a solution that's perfect for your business. Make your service reviews more visual with our photo and video feature, increase response rates by sending feedback requests via SMS and use NPS benchmarking to reward brand advocates and identify unhappy customers. 

Schedule a demo today with our automotive division who will demonstrate how Feefo aligns to your business. With easy integration options and a dedicated account manager, you’ll see the benefits of collecting reviews straightaway.

Alan Needham, Operations Manager - bestcarbuyer

“Using Feefo has allowed us to monitor our customer service levels efficiently and effectively. Having a 97% customer satisfaction rating, coupled with the stars appearing on Google organic and pay-per-click searches, means we have seen an improvement in the click-through rate. Our sales team are able to direct customers to the feedback we have integrated into our website. This helps reassure them that our offers and practices are genuine.”

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