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73% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business displaying the Feefo logo. Build trust and inspire confidence by letting your customers know that your feedback is authentic. 

Below are all the resources you need to shout about your Feefo partnership. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Feefo logos

The Feefo logo is available to download in a selection of high resolution colour variants. For more information on how to use our logo, please read our Feefo logo guidelines.

Feefo window stickers

Businesses with a high street presence can request Feefo window stickers to display on their store or office front. The ‘verified’ window sticker is available to all Feefo clients. The Trusted and Gold Trusted window stickers are only available to those who have received one of our coveted awards. To find out more about who is eligible for the Trusted and Gold Trusted Service awards, please visit the Feefo Trusted Service website.

Customer reviews verified by Feefo

Request your
Verified Window Sticker
(Available to all customers)

Customer trusted verified by Feefo

Request your
Trusted Award Sticker
(Available to customers who win a Trusted Service Award)

Gold Trusted Service Feefo

Request your
Gold Trusted Award Sticker
(Available to customers who win a Gold Trusted Service Award)

Feefo integration badges

Our integration badges can be displayed on your website, and are available in multiple dimensions.

Embed your own custom integration badge from your Merchant Admin Panel.

Feefo Integration Logos
Feefo Integration Logo - White

Use the integration badges on your website

Feefo Star Rating

Download your Feefo star rating in .eps format. Simply select your star increment below.

5 Star