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Real Food Adventure - Mexico


Service rating : service was fine
Product: i enjoyed the "real mexico" side of it, the food was bad bad bad and i think perhaps you are taking a risk encouraging people to eat - certainly we were very encouraged to sample everything - in a country that is quite third world. i would say it was a street food trip and not a food trip, lots of laminated menus, kebabs and greasy spoons on one occasion. Colourful, interesting and fun in the visit itself
we all bar one i think got a very very bad diarrhoea bug and i was beginning to feel very drained and relieved to return if only to get better,
the taco crawl on the first night didn't work out, because they were all finished for the day, certainly what he intended to take us too, so it felt like we had scraps at one, a really greasy experience on the second, and the third he wanted to go to was also finished for the day, which felt disappointing
one the day from oaxaca to puebla we couldn't get the early bus so only had one meal that day from breakfast at 8 until 8 at night. I'm not sure why we couldn't get on the first bus we it is quite essential really
i had one or two better meals when i took myself off to good restaurants -
the guide actually was not very keen on recommending fancy restaurants - i asked for one recommendation for one evening and it was miles and miles away
but not all bad, however my views are that calling this a food adventure is more of a marketing thing as whatever trip you go on you would eat, and i imagine people on other of your trips would eat very similarly. the difference perhaps was the one cooking lesson
the guide whilst nice and culturally knowledgeable knew very little about food, he was very thin and not interesting i felt in answering any questions about it, probably because he simply didn't know thanks

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Real Food Adventure - Mexico


Service rating : Our booking process was fraught with problems. We constantly had to chase up for documentation. Wrong email addresses were used and the trip information we finally got was for a 8 day holiday not 7 which was confusing.
Product: Guide was very good. Staff at hotel metropole were not helpful and the hotel did not appear to have our booking which at 7am in the morning after a long flight was not a great beginning. The remaining hotel rooms, although well situated, were extremely small and needed updating.

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