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Norwegian Gem Eastern Caribbean from New York


See email to my travel agent below.

Hi Karen,

Just thought that you would need detail regarding the joint effort of Hays Travel and their US partners in trying to ruin our trip!!

Your bit - the cruise (and hotel) was fantastic. Thank you x

As for transfers the following is what happened.

Transfer 1 Airport to Hotel by shuttle bus.

Went to Ground Transportation who said they had never heard of the hotel (should have heeded this sign) - eventually after about 30 mins we were on a bus - stopped at another terminal for further pick up - total of 5 groups on the bus. We were to be the last drop off at W48th St. Thought nothing of that (our voucher simply said Tryp by Wyndham Times Sq South - which obviously the transport company reckon is W48th St rather than W35th St - not sure whether Hays or the transport co to blame for this but someone is!!) - eventually dropped off and tried to book in at hotel to be told that we should be at W35th St - had to get a taxi for $20 to the correct hotel. Had we been taken to correct hotel we would have been first drop off so at least 90 mins wasted there.

Hotel - was fantastic thank you.

Transfer 2 Hotel to Port by limousine

A) This was due at 11am and I called to confirm. When it finally turned up at 11.50. (After two more lengthy phone calls - approx 20 mins at £1.50 per minute during which it became apparent that they had sent the limo to W48th St. I protested very strongly on the phone and was told a van had also been dispatched and we should get on whatever came first - bear in mind we were to check in at 12.30 and our voucher was for Cape Liberty, over an hour away.

I told them that they needed to get everything sorted for the way back and that instead of 11am port pick up straight to Airport I now wanted a free pick up back to hotel and then a later pick up to go to Airport. They took both my phone number and email address and promised to sort. I never heard from them again but events overtook this and you later organised our last day transfers.

B) the van driver appeared first (explaining that the limo had been sent to W48th St!!).
Having given the van driver a very hard time he turned out to be a star because when we got to Port Liberty (later than we should have been), as you know there was no Ship (which is when I contacted you) between you and him we established that we should have been at Pier 88 in Manhattan (approx 10 mins from our hotel!!!) so not only are we potentially stranded in the wrong State, we have missed out on any sightseeing opportunity and were in danger of being too late to check in for the cruise.

The driver (Mohan who is to be commended) was instructed to drop us at Cape Liberty as he had fulfilled the voucher - he refused to do this and drove us to Pier 88 for the Cruise. $30 tip for him saving the day but more unnecessary expense.

"Luckily" due to Neuro virus our sailing was delayed and we were able to check in albeit late and by now some 4 hours after we should have been picked up.

Transfer 3 arranged by you Pier 88 to Tryp by Wyndham 11am

It took a further 25 mins of phone calls £1.50 per minute) to get a driver to actually turn up 30 mins late.

I explained (as discussed with you) that we had a luggage store on W36th St next to a Doubletree hotel and could he drop us there instead of Tryp by Wyndham on W35th St - guess what ? He said we were going to W48th St. I really lost it at this point!!

The driver agreed to take us to W36th St and I got him to phone the dispatcher to change our 7pm pick up to also be Doubletree or at worst Tryp on W35th as they had it down as W48th yet again. She confirmed Doubltree to me.

From here it gets ridiculous - at 6.20 I decided to phone and confirm our Doubletree pick up. I was told they had no record and we were being picked up at Tryp - I asked which one and was told W35th St. We collected our bags on W36th and walked to W35th as we were told our driver was half a mile away.

5 further phone calls totalling over 45 mins at£1.50 per minute - at various times I was put I hold for inordinate lengths of time, had the phone put down on me, was told numerous times that the driver was nearby and at others that the pick up was W48th St even though others told me W35th St.

Car eventually arrived at 8.10 pm nearly 90 mins later than we had first been assured it was nearly there, giving us 20 mins to get to JFK to check in on time.

Driver tells us that he was sent to W48th St then was told Doubletree on W36th (even though they had denied receiving my instruction) then claimed he was sent to 245 W35th St rather than 345 W35th St. When he told the dispatcher that there was no hotel there she sent him to W53rd St so we now have factor in a dyslexic dispatcher!!! Only then did he go to 345 W35th Street to collect us and was upset when he didn't get a tip!!!!!

Karen, I really do hate to complain but this has soured our view of Hays. Clearly Tryp by Wyndham Times Square South means W35th to Hays but means W48th St to SuperShuttle/Execucar.

Hays have no excuse for thinking that our ship would sail from and return to Cape Liberty in New Jersey rather than Pier 88 in Manhattan.

I know you arranged a refund of transfers but given the additional hassle, expense of phone calls and texts and sheer panic caused in terms of potentially missing both the cruise and the flight home, I am not sure that it is really enough.

We remain fiercely loyal to you and would always choose to use you for our long haul trips (even to the point of refusing to book a future cruise direct with Norwegian who we will use again) but I do worry about Hays and their partners.

I have a feedback request from them. They will get a copy of this email!!!

Sorry to have to write in these terms but you need to know. This was supposed to be relaxation and was not an inexpensive trip.

Keith (& Janet) Bolton xx

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

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The LINQ Hotel & Casino Las Vegas


Service rating : This holiday was booked as a present for my husbands 30th birthday I booked it in the July so months in advance. We booked it because we had never visited America before and the price of it was too good to be true! The lady we booked with on the phone (Carrie) was really good and helpful. It's just a shame the other staff we spoken to at Hays weren't so. My in laws decided to book on as the price was so good. In January my father in law received an email to say the flight times had been adjusted. I hadn't received anything. Even though we were travelling as a four, they were under two separate bookings and reservations. I therefore had to call hays to check for which they had been altered. Following this, when we got the tickets through when we printed them off, I noticed that the transfers did not match the flights. After comparing everything against my in laws documents o knew fomething wasbt quite right! (As you can imagine with us flying on that Sunday I was stressed!) I had to make numerous calls on my lunch breaks at work so that they could rectify it and resend my tickets! I had to talk through on the phone to the lady all of the errors I wasn't very impressed at all. What was supposed to be a stressed free holiday especially booking with a reputable company like hays, you would have thought everything would be spot on but instead it was me doing all of the chasing. Whether it be a typo error (there was alot on there) it's not the point! So we finally had all documents through, but it still wasn't plain sailing from there... we had a connecting flight from Houston to Vegas, which we missed by no fault of our own! We had to wait in the airport in hope that we could get on the next flight out as we were on standby so we wasn't guaranteed should we not have got on the next flight (which was 3 hours later) then we would have had to pay money out to stay in a hotel and not be able to fly until the morning ... I was absolutely livid! Luckily we were on standby and although we wasn't sat together we was just glad that we were heading to Vegas our first stop of our trip! But already lost out on time there! Never the less vegas was amazing and I wasnt going to let hays travel mess up ruin our holiday especially as I booked it for a special birthday! Until it came to getting our return shuttle- my transfer pick up showed different to my father in laws (even though we were booked on the exact same trip?!) there was only a pick up for me and my husband so my in laws had to pay out for s taxi to get them to the airport because the shuttle wouldn't take them! Disgusting! Luckily we didn't miss the connecting fromLA to Newark NYC, as we were already panicked from the last one! Why hays didn't just book us on the later flight to Vegas to start with I never know! So overall I will not recommend anyone to book through hays travel after all of the phone calls I had to make for them to rectify there cock ups, the time we lost on our holiday due to missed flights, the emails I had to make out there to stress I was worried we were going to miss out other connecting flight !! Your supposed to switch off on holiday and enjoy it but I had to spend time making sure we were on the right transfers and right flights! Very disappointed! Much better booking my own!
Product: We were lucky to get a big room not much of a view but comfy bed very clean and quiet

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Evenia Olympic Resort Lloret de Mar


We have just returned from a week at the Evenia Palace. It was a lovely Hotel. We would certainly return if it was less busy - as the reviews stated it was difficult to have a sunbed. Having said this my boys (11,9,4) loved the water slides and the food was amazing. The staff were all hard working, some came across as a tad rude but the hotel was lovely and clean. The entertainment was late, but we managed to stay up to watch some of it. A lovely busy hotel.
However the reason I'm writing to you is to express my disappointment with a few issues. We have never before used an agent but this year decided it would ease the stress on myself by using a well known travel agency.

Firstly my boys were very disappointed after finding out at the hotel reception as we were planning to head for the Water Park that it wasn't infact included in our package! We had all assumed the Water Park was included after receiving confirmation from Llinos in an e-mail on 1st Sept 2016 in which she specifically stated that "the water park is included"! This obviously turned out to not be the case. The boys were very upset.

Secondly the transfers were appalling. We arrived at the airport at 10am and the transfer time was 10.10. We rushed from one terminal to another trying to find a rep. and in the end a Barcelona steward helped us and took us to the bus depo where we had to wait 1hr for a rude driver to come. We subsequently didn't leave Barca airport until 11.40! When we got the hotel with 3 tired children we were told to hurry up and "TODAY PLEASE" to get out of the bus and collect our own suitcases from the boot. I have never witnessed this before!
Also another issue with transfers was, after phoning up on August 4th and speaking to a gentleman from Hayes regarding our tickets and online check in, I asked if we needed to do anything more and his response was "no everything sorted".
I received the the tickets promptly through the post, and thus assumed everything was sorted. However I checked with the hotel reception regarding our transfer departure time and they said they hadn't received a fax stating there was a change in the pick up time which was 8am for a 11am flight. Therefore we were so shocked and upset to receive a phone call stating that our transfer was outside the hotel at 6.40am! Having spoken to your representative we assumed everything was as stated on our documentation.
Having said this and since we had gone with an agent this time I would have thought that this type of thing would be either pointed out to us,indeed highlighted to us or e-mailed to us. Surely this is what we pay extra to go with a reputable company like yourselves. We had to pay £150 for a taxi to Barca ourselves! This isn't the service I thought we would have had by going with a travel agency.
To say that I'm disappointed is an understatement and put a real dampener on the whole experience.

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Your overall rating for Bath Travel


The staff were really efficient and helpful. The hotel was very clean. However we booked last minute Newmarket to Sorrento 4 star. We chose the 4 star package A few comments about the 4 star hotel, the shower room/loo did not have a window or extractor, so although cleaned daily smells really did not disappear. Patio door only a long way from loo so didn't help exit smells.

Hotel staff excellent. Food plentiful but below average, very poor quality meals compared to Jaccarino, although waiter service food often cold veg overcooked and tepid. Coffee and milk at breakfast at 9.15 am cold. At 9.30 most food staleish, many items had run out. This seems crazy since one had to have a canteen style order sheet at breakfast to choose dinner.

Dinners filling, I cannot understand trip advisor rating on food, as potatoes always tepid, even at 7.00 pm, Pasta etc had minimum of content ie sea food pasta, about 8 thin slivers 1.5 inches long of tough squid, but with plenty of 'stock cube taste'. and eg Fish, plaice meniere, had batter coating but then served swimming in butter with overcooked cabbage with tomato etc in it., and cold cubed potatoes in coil. What is the point of having waiter service if food has been kept 'warm' and is not fresh. Canapes or similar to tapas served at start of meal, often contained left overs from previous day, ie mushroom risotto and also dough ball batter fried.

Suggest food becomes simpler, ie fish and meat not covered in bits and pieces, veal overcooked roll no taste except sauce as was often the case. Sorry to go on but expected much better food that Jaccarino which is rated a 3 star.by most and Hotel St Agata rated a 4 star. In the end chose to eat lunch at restaurants in Sorrento and Amalfi/

Will probably choose Newmarket again as so convenient with Exeter Airport close by.but when returning to St Agata, as love area will have to book Jaccarino, or bed and breakfast or apartment, as we hope to go every year.

Thank you for your patience in reading this. Please complement Bath Travel and hotel staff on helpfulness efficiency and cleanliness. Did not wish to leave comments on Trip Advisor as feedback direct to yourselves we felt more appropriate.

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I would like to commend Virginia for her exceptional service and have now made an agent/ friend for life! I'm planning to renew wedding vows in Greece and even though I'm ex industry, it's been more stressful than I ever realised. I did all my research and popped into a branch in Stanley to book. However it was quite a complicated booking, the delightful Matthew was brilliant, had a can do attitude and was really keen to assist. Due to work constraints, I was unable to spend much time with him during the day but when I did, he explained it was harder than initially presumed due to some of the party flying from a different airport. He offered to come in on his day off to help me sort which I was so appreciative- however another member of staff said that he'd not get time back so up to him?! I know they have no manager but an attitude like his should be commended not knocked back - so please pass on my gratitude to him as his customer centric approach was brilliant. I'd built rapport with him, he understood exactly what I wanted and di not want to see someone else.
The rooms were fast disappearing so I tried online and was contacted By the wonderful Virgina - she had just come back from Sidari so was so insightful. But more importantly, she truly listened to my needs as I explained my story of why this holiday was so important. She is a credit to your home working team and genuinely cares about her customers. She strove to get me what I wanted, managed my expectations.
It was an 11/10 service which is high praise indeed from someone who worked in travel for over a decade and who has never booked her own holiday like this!
I will recommend her to everyone, in fact there are more to book and I will ensure they go to Virginia.
Please ensure she gets an invite to John's famous garden party but as she lives in Sheffield ensure her travel included please!
I know he has always been passionate about having people who care, well Virginia and Matthew really showed an interest. I know how tough retail branches are for resourcing but Matthew needs to be congratulated for offering to come in on his day off.
Meanwhile Virginia is a superstar - please pass on my commendations and gratitude

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Thistle Euston Euston


I have an email I will forward to you that I sent the manager

Good evening
Please do not worry at all about the alarm, these things happen and at least we know they work. I was only concerned as my baby had been very unsettled and then we Hurd the alarm and were unsure if we should leave the room. But that's fine no fault of yours at all.

However, I do want to raise a couple points. Yes, we have booked the package through superbreaks but by doing so we have felt as if we are 2nd class citerzans to your other guests not with superbreaks. I find it ridiculous that on our 1st night we had no alternatives for dinner, it was chicken and sticky toffee pudding and that was it, no movement on choices at all.

On Christmas Day we came into the restaurant expecting a nice Christmas atmosphere decorations and music along with crackers and a laid table. Nothing but a tree.!In fact I said it's a shame there were no crackers. I asked the guy who said no. Then a lady from another table got quite angry and the manager (Mabie you) I'm
Unsure came out and we had crackers and hats as well as blowers. Which was great. :) Just a shame this could not have come out with out prompting X

Christmas Day everyone expects turkey with lots of lovely vegetables. We we had turkey it was nice but we had 1 parsnip! One item of veg is completely unacceptable for a Christmas Day lunch.

The hotel is lovely and staff friendly and it's in a good position. However, as a Christmas package I can honestly say it's not very Christmassy at all. I love the interior of the hotel but if you are going to offer your hotel to superbreaks a Christmas package you want to feel Christmassy and looked after. You feel limited by having no choices on any menus and feel your not as important as other guests. Two options on every course would be plenty but choice is important and there were non. Not good enough at all I feel.

I also had to phone reception and ask for bottles of prosecco for both the rooms as we never got these. I askedfor them on Christmas Day but know if I had not have asked we would not have received them.

I would be greatful for your response.

Kind regards.

Carley Holmes

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Rang to request prices for a holiday at about 1.00pm and was told that I would be rang back with them. Didn't hear anything for about an hour so rang back and was told they had been busy I said that I was keen to book that day but would have to go out soon. I waited in as long as I could but had to go. I was rang and a message was left at 4.20pm - which I consider a long time after my request. By the time I got back in and picked up the message it was about 6.30pm. I rang and was given the price of the holiday which I decided to book - however when they tried to book it the holiday had increased in price from £940 to £1056 making it £116 more. While I understand that prices do vary I feel that had my request been dealt with when I requested I would have saved a substantial amount of money. In addition to this I was told that the documentation would be emailed to me however I did not receive the email. I rang and was told they would resend. I waited for a couple of hours - no email arrived so I rang back and was told to leave it until the next morning which I did before checking again. it didn't arrive so I rang again and was told that my email had come up as being undelivered yet no-one had tried to contact me. I had at that point received an email asking for feedback so I knew the email Hays had was correct. Following another couple of phone calls throughout the next day I still had no confirmation. At this point I had made all of the phone calls to Hays and there had been no offer of them ringing me back to check I had received anything - basic customer service I would have thought. Eventually about 6.30pm when we rang yet again we were told someone would ring us back that evening - yet no one did until the following morning. having booked with hays on many occasions before to say that I was disappointed is an understatement and I will certainly be looking elsewhere when looking to book my summer holiday this year. I found the process extremely stressful having started the booking process at lunchtime 31/3/16 and not being satisfied an receiving any confirmation until 2/4/16.

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Service Review


My first impressions of your company was very good and look forward to having my holiday.

But if I had to give you some feedback, one massive negative was, after I told the sales rep what I wanted she had to call the main office as her system never had the room option I wanted. This turned into a Huge ordeal not in getting the info but in getting through, although once she did we got the info very quickly.

After a price was agreed and I felt I had a good deal the system then crashed and although it felt like a hour to get back through it must have been at least 20 min. At one point she used two phones In a effort to get back through. Then asked me if I wanted a coffee (this would have been nice at the start) not after it became uncomfortable because of the ridiculous wait.

If it was a busy sat or the store had more than me in it I would have been less frustrated for her, but not on a sleepy Thursday morning. If it wasn't for the fact I had £2000 in hays vouchers I would have walked out and you would have lost a sale worth £3800 with no fault of the sales person at all. Overall I had a very plesent experience and i would like to say. The sales person is a credit to your company and was very professional and even if I never had vouchers I would have still booked with her.

one last thing is when you put my post code into your find your a store on you web site it just says none? The fact is one my way to Newcastle I seen I sign for hexam and though I. Sure they have a store there (only because I remembered) Seems really strange when you talk about being the largest independent in the uk it only took me 2.5 hours to get to hexam (g83 0pu) and as far as I was told its a new store so why wouldn't your company do such a simple Thing as to change the postcode search on you site, just a though but again thanks and I cannot wait to go to Turkey oh and win more vouchers to spend at hays.

Regards *personal data removed by Feefo*

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Hotel Alexander Krakow


Service rating : The people were mostly pleasant enough, they just seem incompetent. Holiday was straight forward enough but they failed at every point.
1. included a trip but dates were not out they said they would contact us when they were available... they did not. I rang 4 times and eventually got them to book the trip.
2. All very blase about it, months later they ring and say the trip organiser couldn't do the date we wanted and had changed it to the next afternoon, we were in spain at the time, I was not happy and expressed that, spoke to 4 different people, each one said they would ring back and did not exact the last lady, this included the manager. 3 days later we got a call to say we could go when we origonally booked and they seemed to want a pat on the back for this?
3. Our friends decided to come with us so they rang Hayes travel and were told they could not be in the same hotel and it was around £80 more expensive, they went direct to Jet 2 and got it £100 cheaper than Hayes quoted and they got in the same hotel.
4. No one rang and told us to collect the ticket we had to cahse Hayes.
5. No boarding passes, Seat reservations, we had to do this ourselves.
6. We asked to change the private transfer from 2 to 4 and sat in Hayes office Darlington on the hottest day of the year for over an hour, eventually I said I couldn't wait any longer and they agreed to phone me if it was possible.
7. They charged us £15 but when we checked on the internet the transfer was the same price for 2,3 or 4.
8. We paid but when we got the revised documentation it had the revised price but was still for 2 people.

All the time we are ringing and could rarely get the same person and rarely did the person who answered the call do what they said.

In all it was a very unpleasant experience which was a great shame as we travel abroad around 8 times a year on various types of trips but will continue to book ourselves online.
Product: Not the greatest hotel, rooms were a bit tatty, the receptionist was a very abrupt, there was no lounge or bar area and the breakfast was awful. Location was excellent though.

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Your overall rating for Bath Travel


The original advice for the holiday was good. But then the adviser, Jo, left the branch. The actual booking was processed by a new adviser, Jan. I have given this a 'Bad' rating because the advice provided by Jan was false on many counts, and her attitude was unprofessional.

1. At the time of booking, she told me her sister had booked directly through Thomson and had to pay the balance sooner. In fact we had to pay the balance much sooner than Jan had told us through Bath Travel, so Thomson could have the money a MONTH after that.

2. We had some queries about the accommodation when the tickets arrived. At this point Jan pointed to the fact that Jo's name was on the booking (as she had provided the original quote) and claimed she had had nothing to do with it before. In fact, she had processed the booking and taken payment.

3. Jan could not be relied on to check the information we required. When chased up, she claimed she had phoned Thomson who were 'useless'. When chased up several more times - one working day before we were due to go on holiday - she claimed she had phoned up the hotel 'and eventually got through to someone who SEEMED to speak English'.

4. Jan claimed the hotel told her there were no beach towels. In fact, there were. Hence we needn't have packed towels, and could have saved on our luggage space and allowance.

5. Jan claimed the hotel had told her there would be bunk beds in our lounge. In fact, there were none.

6. We found all the reception staff very helpful and having excellent English.

I am struggling to see what additional benefit Bath Travel added to our booking - to the contrary, it was made more stressful and confusing by having to deal with Jan. If she is genuinely interested in the travel industry, it would seem significant training or retraining in customer service, research, professionalism and attention to detail is required. Next time, we might bypass Bath Travel altogether.

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Ibersol Son Caliu Mar Palma Nova


Service rating : This was the first time I had booked with Hays travel and if I am totally honest I did not have the best experience.
I booked a 3 day holiday for myself and my boyfriend when booking the break online everything seemed so easy I chose my accommodation of choice and flights I was so happy with the deal I had got for the spec of hotel.
The next morning I was so excited I decided to show my boyfriend the hotel and told him all about the accommodation and how good it was going to be. Later that day I got a phone call from a representative from Hays who then explained that the accommodation had failed due to lack of availability!
I was so embarrassed that I then had to explain to my boyfriend that we was not going to stay in the original hotel that I had chosen for us.
I was told I either choice another accommodation or just get a refund and theee was no sympathy for the situation and what had happens due to an obvious glitch in your website.
I asked your agent if I was to find a hotel the same as my original one on board and star rating but it was a little over would they cover the cost because I was being forced to book something else at no choice of my own but this was not possible.
As you can imagine I wanted to get something sorted as soon as because I had build it up to my boyfriend However I still needed it to fit into my original budget so I went into your site and found a hotel that would fit into my price plan.
I do think better customer service should have been provided in this instance it would have been nice if when you had called me to explain what had happened you had done some of your own research and found some deals for me, an easy task in my opinion because you knew how much I wanted to spend what star and board basis I wanted oh and also I had flights booked to Palma nova.
Product: I would not recommend this hotel it is aimed towards French guests and had little to admire if I'm totally honest.
The hotel itself is clean and in a quiet part of the island those are the positives but if I'm totally honest I wouldn't recommend it.

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HAY-1322891: Tanya - spot on. Dealt with my email, fed me options, constructed the vacation end to end, using knowledge for local hotel options. I came into store and we completed the transaction.
Denise and another colleague each took my calls at the end of the week, when I found I do not have access to my wife's Eurostar eTicket. Denise now sent me the ticket by email, fine, but could not comprehend that my issue remained that the document does not appear in Hays-My Booking-Get My Documents. That conversation now was going nowhere- she told me how it is and that is that. I felt I was not being listened to. She even said they don't have internet in the shop. I rang again hoping to speak with someone less curt-assertive. She listened but still could not comprehend my issue. I went on your website, phoned the helpline. They do not deal with bookings made in branch. Gave me Customer Services website link. I contacted Custr Svcs by on-line text, and the gentleman had the knowledge, understanding, and accessibility to look for me, and though he could not understand why it was not visible for me, he sent my wife's Eurostar ticket by email to me again as he thought that may trigger the document appearance in Hays-My Booking-Get My Documents. Good enough, I had someone with competence, knowledge, expertise to provide solution. if you see my text string, you will see my comment on how Boscombe branch is no longer run as per R.E. Bath Travel. Perhaps you have shared with the staff any plans to close the store, and become a purely eTravel service. Perhaps that is why the significant void between retail formats. The fall-down, for me, is as a Customer using the store service, and then the on line service, and neither speak the language of the other

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Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Niagara Falls

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Service rating : The booking of our holiday was great I couldn’t fault the agent who booked it. However when we phoned your support desk for clarification on issues they didn’t have a clue and were unhelpful on three occasions. So when I phoned to find out if we needed to collect our cases at London Heathrow or if they should go straight to Toronto they didn’t know, they didn’t think do but couldn’t be sure and even though I was trying to explain that we would already be in transit so surely we wouldn’t go back out again and recheck in the person I spoke to said they think they should go straight through to Toronto. We did get an email a few days later saying they will go straight through. Secondly when received our e tickets I phoned again and asked about boarding passes as we had connecting flights and I was told if I needed a boarding pass they would of sent me one, they also couldn’t tell me where I go the boarding pass from for the next flight, so I felt I had to turn up at the airport and hope for the best, which didn’t fill me with joy and caused me such stress and anxiety. Finally when we phoned and asked about the trouble with BA we were told to follow the BA advice, this also didn’t allay me fears, as we could have made alternative arrangements to get to London if needed as we were flying with BA to London and then air Canada. Luckily we were flying on the Tuesday and it was sorted by then but as it was a bank holiday Monday and could of a different story but I feel your customer services staff didn’t not put me at ease or give me confidence that we had everything we needed for our holiday.
Product: The hotel was about a 20min walk from niagara falls which we know when booking. The hotel was friendly, clean and breakfast was good. We never used the pool facilities but they looked good. The hotel was also on the red We Go bus route which was great for getting around. The bed was sooo big and comfy my husband now wants one at home.

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Service Review


The service received at the branch was very satisfactory and caused no problems. However we were informed that Jet2 would supply the paperwork before departure. This is where stress was involved. We were leaving on Boxing Day, therefore Xmas Day was effectively out of the equation, it was the 23rd before we were informed by the branch that it was at last available to be picked up, postal delivery being out of the question. This was altogether too close to departure to be reassuring. I feel that Jet2 should have been aware of postal issues and public holidays and ensured that the documentation was despatched early enough to reach the customer with at least half a dozen working days to finalise details.
Annoyingly when at last we were in possession of the details they still did not enable us to access the Jet2 site to manage our flight! At the check in at the airport we were informed that it was because it was a Jet2 Holiday ....... whatever that was supposed to mean! Why supply details and booking numbers telling how to check in etc if it is not possible. Yet more last minute hassle from Jet2, at least the hardware side of their operation worked far more efficiently than their administration.
Perhaps the Hayes office might have been a little more proactive if they were aware that a holiday was approaching and paperwork was not forthcoming. Some update that we were in fact going to be holidaying as planned would have calmed the nerves as the days counted down. The Xmas post is not infallible!
All in all we think the problems were of Jet2's making and we cannot understand why things were left to the last minute when the holiday had been booked for weeks.

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Iberostar Gaviotas Park Jandia


Service rating : Judith is extremely helpful with all needs, sadly when we arrived at the airport the transfer was not to the standard expected. We arrived at 6.40pm, and were told by provider to return to desk at 7pm when driver would be available. We went back at 7pm to be told to go the bus on 11A, we walked there NO bus, went back again he repeated, we told him no bus he argued, we could see this position from the counter and said where?? look no bus! He then told us we had to wait for other flights to arrive, we asked what flights he wouldn't answer and said that if it is 1 hour or 3 we would wait! I then said that this was not acceptable, and repeated his words to him, at which point he told a man who had been stood at the desk from 6.45pm that he was the driver, they then had a very heated argument and he finally got his bus and put it in 11A, but made us wait a further 20 minutes before we left the airport, The journey was very frightening as he was clearly very cross and did not want to take us to Jandia. His driving was dangerous and disrepectful and My friend and I were frightened by his manner and dangerous driving, we arrived at 9.30pm very shaken. This is not what we paid for at all and I worried about the return trip during the holiday. They did not confirm our pick up times with the hotel and I had to again contact Judith to assist, which she did immediately but no fax was sent, as they promised. This took up a couple of hours of my holiday and cost me each time I contacted Judith. This is not a good representation of HAY'S travel at all.
Product: The Hotel facilities were amazing, the receptionist when we arrived so late made sure we were able to eat in the restaurant and the staff we very helpful. The facilities were spotlessly clean and the accessible to all. The food was fresh and plentiful, and it was nice to have branded drinks available. The best All inclusive holiday I have been on. The rooms were cleaned and when we asked for assistance with the bed as it was a bit hard and we would have liked a double, they sorted it within 1/2 hr. We visited the premier site next door, but feel that our site was far better. We will return as we were impressed at the relaxed atmosphere and professional standards.l

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Krestan Royal Kalithea


Service rating : Really happy with the service we received from Bath Travel, and dealing with one member of staff for nearly all our enquiries is very helpful. I will be popping into the branch to let them know of our experience. There was one small issue that arose which maybe your staff may or may not know about. I am disabled, and organised Airport Assistance , both ways. I need an aisle seat on the plane, as my legs can go into very painful spasms if unable to straighten out. I had to book and pay for an aisle seat for me and my partner, which was not that cheap. When I arrived on the plane, the air steward asked why was I not allocated an Assistant seat as I had airport assistance ? That was the first I had heard of it, and speaking to the other disabled passengers , they all had assistant seats close to the front row and close to the toilets. Also these were booked with no charge ? The airport assistance was a great benefit,to get me to the plane , Luckily for me on the return flight, the seat I had booked was actually broken and it would not lock in the upright position. My partner and I were moved to the first row as they were the only empty seats . I only wished we were alloctaed these seats going there ? It just seemed strange that I had booked airport assistance and not offered assistance seats - I would think one went with the other ? It was probably just a simple oversight from the member of staff who dealt with us, and if I'm honest ,it was an issue but never spoilt any other aspect of our holiday.
Product: Great staff, great food and drink, only one small critiscism - there was a distinct lack of signage around the hotel. We only found out on the 4th day that there was a small beach with a wooden jetty and steps to get in and out of the sea. A few small unobtrusive signs around the hotel would help.

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Argiri Hotel Kos Town


Service rating : When we booked with Hays Travel, we went in knowing what we would want from the holiday and what type of accommodation we would need. Therefore, Joy who works in Bognor Regis Hays Travel helped us to find this hotel. It was exactly what we were looking for in terms of a family holiday.
But when we were checking into the hotel, we got charged with 10.50 euros each for holiday tax. In which the man at reception said Hays Travel should have told you that there will be holiday tax when you arrive at your hotel. In which we did not get informed with this otherwise we could of took more money with us to pay for this.
Also, we should have been informed that it was 30 euros for 6 nights of air conditioning per room. Again, we had to take that out of the fixed holiday money. We should have been informed with this when we booked through Hays Travel, instead of that being a shock to us when we got there.
Also, there was meant to be a Rep to come in and tell the holiday makers what’s around Kos and what times we need to be checking in and out of the hotel for, and what times the coach is coming to pick us up in the morning etc. She did not turn up on the day, therefore we did not have a clue what there was to do around us or what time the transfer was going to pick us up from the hotel to go to the airport.
We were all a little bit disappointed to know when we got there we had to pay a lot of money each out of our holiday money we took with us for things that should have been said while we were booking the holiday in Hays Travel.
Product: Holiday accommodation was lovely, the hotel was small but provided good service for clients. Whereas the rooms smelt awful. My room smelt like a sewer. Some times when you walk in the smell was worse than other days, made all of our clothes stink.
The tap water in the hotel turned brown, this put us off from using that tap water to brush our teeth in. Therefore, we had to buy more bottled water out of our spending money to brush our teeth with.
When we got to our room, one of the beds had stains on the mattress, both sheets and the pillow case. They weren’t taken off and cleaned the next morning until we physically took off the sheets ourselves and put them on the floor to be cleaned the morning after.
On a good note, all the staff were very welcoming and had a laugh with all the people saying at their hotel. They were all friendly and made our stay better. The hotel accommodation had everything a holiday maker would want for a hotel. The food was lovely, we enjoyed all of the food every morning and evening.
The location of the hotel was ideal, it was near the strip of shops and a small coach journeys worth to the Kos Town.

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Service rating : We came into the shop in Wrexham to book a trip away to Paris 21st Feb - 23rd Feb 2017 as we have never been before. We had been looking on the internet at a few hotels and spotted one we thought was close to the Eiffel Tower and other attractions. We spoke to 'Kathryn' who looked at the hotel we suggested and said yes it was walking distance to all the attractions especially the Eiffel Tower, so we went ahead and booked it. she also made a request to the hotel to have a high floor view of the Eiffel Tower. A few days after booking we had a look online ourselves at the hop on and off bus tour to then find we are actually an hour and a half away from the Eiffel Tower and all the attractions. Also over half hour - 45 minutes walk to the first bus point. We only had 1 Full day there!.
We went back to the shop the next day to change the hotel to a nearer one as we were given false information. We spoke to several staff members including the manager to just be told that there was nothing they could do and that we were lying! When Kathryn obviously didn't know what she was talking about as she requested a room with an Eiffel Tower view for us when we were no-where near it! This is stated in the system in the shop.
On the day we were due to come home we had previously asked for a late flight thinking we would be able to tour around again but this wasn't the case. We had to stay in the hotel lobby for over 5 hours after checking out at 12.
We will NOT be using hays travel again as your services was extremely poor.
Product: Great Hotel, clean and staff very friendly. Looked after us when we had a long wait for the taxi to the airport.

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United States


We came to Hayscastle to book our holiday as our son and his family had booked up a couple of weeks earlier here with Lee. We came into the store. I'm disabled and was on my scooter staff couldn't have been any more helpful. We were seated at Brooks desk and explained our needs. She brought up my sons details and we went through what we required and said we already had prices from other companies and wondered if it was possible to be able to be grouped as one family but with the separate bookings as we didn't want our son to have to pay for any changes which she checked with the manager and he said he was sure this could be done. She then checked this with Virgin and this was fine. She price matched our booking with the one I had from the other company and then went on to sort out a suitable car through a car company used by Hayes as Virgins own price was so high for the car we wanted. She checked prices for attraction tickets we wanted and also insurance giving me the printed out information for us to look over giving us time to make the necessary phonecall re my health issues and decide if it will be affordable or to contact other companies. Overall it was a very relaxed and enjoyable experience to the start of our holiday next year- 11 months and counting lol. The staff as I've said were excellent there was no pressure from her to push us into booking and her and the manager were happy to give us all the help they could.and I will definitely return for future holiday travel because of this.

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Booked a late deal on saturday 27th August to tenerife flying 2nd sept.When I got home I noticed the hotel is is under going having new air conditioning installed so there will be noise in certain parts of the hotel which was not mentioned at the time of booking
I rang back up the next morning and spoke to Fallon the store manager who actually took our booking in store about the work and she seemed surprised as she said it normally flashes up on the screen when anything is getting done in the hotel.She asked If I wanted to pop back into store and see if there was another hotel we would like to go to but there was not much available when we where in looking at the time and I did not have time to go back in and have another look due to work commitments.She said she would email the Hotel and asked if they could put me some where if possible so I would not feel hear the electric drills and work going on.I must admit If I had been informed about this when booking I would not have booked this holiday and feel aprehensive about going and what is it going to be like.Although the cost of the holiday is more than I wanted to pay at the time the manager had recommended it so we took it that it was a excellent choice.As I have been renovating property myself for the last 6month, thats the last think I would want with building work going on. We are booked to stay at the Spring Hotel Bitacora Playa De Las Americas for 7 nights flying from Ncle.

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Service Review


We usually book a beach holiday via thomas Cook website but decided to use Hays as an independent travel agent to book our once in alice time trip to NYC to celebrate our 50th birthday and 30th wedding anniversary. We were impressed with the service and recommendations we received from Nicola.
We spent a week doing some further research before returning to the shop to book. Although Nicola was unable to match the Expedia price as mentioned the week before she did find us another hotel for a similar price which we preferred so we're happy to book.
On the day we went to book the shop was very busy but we were willing to wait and was able to see Nicola again. All the staff remained very professional during the busy time.
Nicola also booked our transfers and airport parking.
The only down side was booking the insurance. Nicola gave us a quote for the basic insurance and details for me to ring the health screening. The first call to the screening line was fine but then I had to ring the shop again, take out the insurance before ringing the screening line back to pay the actual extra premium. This extra call took 5 attempts, each waiting 5-8 minutes to pay £4.42.
Once I got home after booking the holiday I realised we did not know how/when/if we would receive any further paperwork, if/ how we get tickets, luggage allowance etc
Overall I would strongly recommend Hays and will probably use them again in the future.

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Celebrity Infinity Eastbound Panama Canal


Bright enthusiastic member of staff without being pushy. Listened carefully as to what we were wanting to do. We were booking a cruise with Celebrity and had already decided which one and which was our preferred deck. She gained all the necessary information from the computer system, consulted with Celebrity and booked the holiday including free drinks packages for two and free unlimited Wifi for the cabin. We were not aware of either offer so saved some of the cost of the holiday. The shop was quite small and cosy and therefore quiet. A good ambience for booking a holiday. My score would have been excellent except that we are used to dealing with members of staff who have personal experience of the holiday we are booking. It helps to tailor the holiday to our needs and its always nice to receive advice based on first hand experience.
On this holiday we have coupled a visit to San Francisco and San Diego but for that part of the holiday we have gone to a specialist travel agent dealing with that area of the world. It would have been nice to be able to book the whole holiday in one place.
We have not booked a long holiday with Hays (Bath) Travel previously but based on our experience in Poole may well do so in the future if we can build a relationship with the member of staff which gives us the confidence to do so. This current experience with Kirsty Lowden, in Poole, was positive and bodes well for the future.

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Service Review


My family & I have been booking our holidays with Julia Cullen for over 10years. She goes the extra mile & more really caring & making sure everything is in place so you can enjoy your holiday & no hiccups. All you have to do is let her know where you are thinking of going, how many people & roughly when & she will sort it out & that includes visas.
A few years ago my family phoned Julia about a cruise I had seen in the paper & they wanted to book it as a surprised me for my 60th a couple of weeks later. She did it, sent me a lovely birthday card & asked me to ring her with my passport details.
She also sorted out my daughter's 40th to New York & managed to change the number of people.
One thing that has really upset me but shows how much Julia cares, for this holiday she actually admitted in order to match the price Thomson 's on line price she was willing to forgo her commission instead of loosing a holiday booking. Julia also emailed to say she had contacted the hotel with a request that afternoon & forwarded on their reply.
These are just a sample of how fantastic she is & why we keep coming back to her & recommend her to everyone.
I hope this feedback shows what a wonderful, caring, bubbly & yet very professional person Julia is & hope this gives her the recognition we all feel she deserves.
Kindest regards
Lynda Glen

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Your overall rating for Bath Travel


I went in to the Chichester branch to enquire about round the world cruising and left when there was nothing to the Antipodes. Next day I received an urgent phone call to say there was an unexpected opportunity to suit my needs but I had to book it right away and pay the deposit. The cruise sounded perfect although costly - but less than a friend had paid with another line - and so I accepted. The agent then found me in the Bishop's Palace Gardens where I'd told her I'd be painting and got me to confirm my card number because she thought she'd taken it down wrong. It was only later when I saw the brochure that I discovered I'd been booked into a sole occupancy of a double room with a £9000 loading - none of this had been explained to me beforehand. I tried to cancel the booking but was told if I did so I would lose my £750 deposit. The staff were most unhelpful and I have since discovered that I was given the wrong information about other things. I did manage to cancel the trip, with my daughter's help, and thanks to a kind P&O customer care member of staff my deposit is now awaiting use on another trip. Since all this happened earlier this year I have been ill with worry over my naivety and the ease with which someone whom I trusted to help me parted me from my hard earned savings. There is no way I will use Bath Travel again and I would be grateful not to receive any more details of other cruises.

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Nerja Club nerja


Service rating : We were very happy with the service we received and will use Hays Travel again for future holidays. The only slight issue we had was the information we were given about the hire car we booked. We were told it was a full to empty policy (which we thought at the time sounded incorrect) and also the information we were given about the deposit we had to pay. We were told we'd have to pay €900 when in reality we had to pay €950 deposit to get the car plus €83.10 for a tank of fuel in case we didn't return the car full. However when we got the final email after returning the car, the cost of the fuel was actually €43.10 but Record Go took €40 for a Go Pack which we didn't agree too and can't find out what it is, and this money wasn't reimbursed. After reading reviews on TripAdvisor this is a common practice of Record Go. Also, Record Go only accept payment by credit card (which we don't have) and it was only after we said we only have a debit card and she checked with her manager that we were allowed to pay. Hays travel told us we could pay by debit card. We don't hold Hays Travel responsible as they were just reading information from a printout but unfortunately that information was incorrect. We won't ever book a car with Record Go again.
Product: We were very impressed with the hotel, the cleanliness, friendly staff and good food. We will definately stay here again.

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