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Technical overview

To get Feefo live in your site is as simple or complicated as you want to make it – there are lots of options suitable for both large and small businesses.
To integrate, you need first to send us details of your sales, then, second, to set up links, or show the reviews on your site.

At the simplest, you can send us details of sales by entering them in an Excel spreadsheet, and uploading that spreadsheet. We need only know the most basic details to ask for feedback – who to ask (an email address), what they've bought, and when they bought it. Entirely for your own benefit, you can also tell us the category of the sale, when to ask for feedback on an order-by-order basis, and product codes to enable you to display the correct feedback on your product pages.

When you decide to show the reviews, at the simplest it's as easy as adding Google Analytics to your site. You do not even have to make space on your pages for our logo, as it 'floats' above your page. At the other end of the spectrum, you can embed as much or as little of the reviews themselves on your website, and format them to merge seamlessly into the rest of your page.

As to support, we can help you with all aspects of setting up, and, in the case that you decide to use our 'floating window' can include the ability to create context-sensitive reviews (service reviews from the home page, product reviews on the product pages) as part of our setup package.

We monitor your data uploads, and deal automatically with any cases of profanity. We are also quick to handle any problems with customer comment, such as customers who leave personal contact details in their feedback.