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How Feefo Works

Step 01

Once you are registered, it all starts with you sending us data about your orders. This data contains information such as the customer's name, their email address, what they purchased and when. Further information, such as SKU codes and order references, will ensure you get hugely valuable reporting. Here is an example of the data we need...

How feefo works Step 1

Step 02

How Feefo works Step 2

Next, Feefo sends your customers an email, asking them for feedback about their purchase. It is jointly branded, with your company logo as well as Feefo's. The customer is asked only two questions to ensure a high response rate:–

  1. Rate and comment on the service you experienced.
  2. Rate and comment on the products you purchased.

Step 03

Your customers will then score you either Excellent, Good, Poor or Bad, indicating their level of satisfaction on the product/s they purchased and the service they received. They will also be invited to add their comments for each, in the comment box.

How Feefo works Step 3

Step 04

How Feefo works Step 4

All the responses are totaled together live on the Feefo website as they are delivered, to provide you with a score out of 100%, for both service and products.


Step 05

How feefo works Step 5

If you wish to reply to any comment made by your customers, you can do so through Feefo, which allows your response to sit directly alongside theirs. You can thank your customers for the positive feedback you receive and most importantly, you can respond to any negative feedback publicly too. This, very often, turns a negative into a positive and is effective at converting critics into advocates of your business. As it’s displayed publicly too, it shows other customers you’re listening and you are a business they can trust.


Step 06

With our easy API integration tools, you then display the product and service reviews, right down to individual product level on your own site. Best of all though, the results are aggregated with reviews received elsewhere and displayed as Google stars in search results, which hugely improves your click through and conversion rates.

How feefo works Step 6

Step 07

How feefo works Step 7

Loads of keyword rich, user generated content from real customers on your product pages will not only improve conversion rates and reduce return rates, but it will have a hugely beneficial effect on your SEO, delivering more, high quality customers, right to your site.

Additionally, with the Feefo Facebook app, your consumers can share their feedback across their social networks, giving you greater exposure. The Feefo Facebook app is free!

To get started with Feefo or to try the service for free, please call us on 08456 800 320 or use the Trial Sign Up panel at the top of the page.