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Feefo and the consumer

We are an independent feedback service used by companies that care about honesty, integrity and doing the best that they can for their customers. Most of all, they are companies that are prepared to listen to what you, their customers, have to say.

The Feefo Integrity Declaration

Anyone who genuinely buys from our suppliers is entitled to leave feedback. They can say what they like and notwithstanding contractual or legal obligations, Feefo will publish the comments. The supplier cannot edit or moderate the feedback they receive, but they are encouraged to respond, particularly to any issue or complaint – and their response is published. It shows they are listening and gives them the chance to improve on any areas you highlight.

If you are not invited to leave feedback by any of our clients, you are urged to tell us, providing PROOF OF PURCHASE, so that we may investigate further. Any Feefo supplier who fails to invite you to leave feedback, after proof of purchase has been provided, may be subject to action from Feefo, including the withdrawal of their feedback service.

Making the Internet a safer place to trade

We are 100% confident that all of the Feefo feedback is true and accurate. It represents what you, their customer, is really saying about your dealings with them.

But not all feedback you see on other websites is this honest or this transparent. Some even choose to edit your feedback, twisting what you say or refusing to publish poor feedback.

Other sites allow people to leave feedback for products or services they have not even bought, just to make them look better. This is dishonest.

At Feefo, we want to stamp this practice out once and for all. We don’t think it’s fair and we don’t think they should be allowed to get away with it.

So, we would ask that if you find any piece of feedback or a review on any website across the internet that you find to be suspicious, you bring it to our attention. We will challenge them to put it right.

It is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE for a company to create false feedback to misrepresent themselves. Please email me directly (, so we can campaign against dishonesty, wherever it may be found on the Internet.

Thank you,
Andrew Mabbutt