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The Feefo System

Step 01

You buy something from your supplier

Step 02

They fulfil the order

Step 03

Your supplier tells us what they’ve sold you

Step 04

We email you an invitation to leave feedback

In general, you will receive the Feefo Feedback Request email within 7–14 days after delivery. If you live in a different country, then the delay can be up to 28 days, to allow for the delivery. If you haven’t been contacted after 4 weeks, please let us know. Email

You will then be asked to rate the supplier for Service and on many occasions, the Product or Products you purchased. We give you the option to score for “Excellent”, “Good”, “Poor” or “Bad”. We then allow you to provide additional comments in a “Comment Box” where we encourage you to write more information that will be useful to your supplier. Praise them if the service and/or product has satisfied you or exceeded satisfaction. Tell them if they did not reach satisfactory levels, and why – so they can learn from this and become better suppliers.