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About us

Feefo is a cost effective, automated customer feedback system for businesses with an online presence. Members use it to grow their businesses and consumers use it to gain confidence and trust when they shop online. What makes Feefo special is that only genuine customers are invited to leave feedback, thus guaranteeing the responses are honest.

Feefo is the brainchild of Bill Cawley who started developing the idea in 2006. Having won a mathematics scholarship to Oxford University at the age of 16, he went on to have a colourful career including a stint as a maths teacher, farming in Herefordshire, firefighting in Alaska, running a shoe shop in Oxford Street, selling ice cream in Detroit, working at ‘officer’ level in the Civil Service and writing a property column for the Investors Chronicle.

He has also spent 30 years in electronics, IT and computer programming including developing electronic circuits in Holland, developing hardware for IBM and developing an operating system and new programming language for agricultural computing.

Eventually he was inspired to create the Feefo merchant review system having noted that the feedback system on eBay was a vital ingredient in its success. He decided that all other online businesses should provide a feedback management system. He set about developing Feefo to provide an independent review system that provides unedited feedback and encouraged an exchange of views between supplier and customer.

Feefo has changed since the early days - particularly the speed of growth, with an ever increasing customer base reliant on our easy and reliable feedback service and increase in conversions for many of their commercial decisions. Our goal is to be the number one choice for both businesses and consumers when it comes to giving and receiving feedback online.