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Merchant Testimonials

Candid words from a few of our merchants

The White Company  

The White Company

Chris Rucker, Founder

“Any online business that cares about their customer service and reputation should be a member of Feefo.  It has made a profound impact to our operational focus, our service delivery experience and the way in which we measure our own performance internally. We use Feefo every single day, it gives us an immediate and direct insight into how our products are performing and how our customers feel about customer service. It enables us to further understand and focus on the issues that truly matter to our customers.  Feefo provides us with an excellent service. We love it!”

Expedia Logo 


"The Feefo system is simple to use and hugely effective, with the return on our investment easy to see, even in such a short time period. Having offered verified hotel reviews for many years, we understand the importance of being able to guarantee 100% genuine feedback as Feefo does. Our 92% Quality Score is a true testament to our continued commitment to improving the customer experience and together with Feefo we will be able to build on this further and faster in the future."

Director of Customer Experience, Expedia



“The global paid and organic search conversion uplift from the star ratings as well as the increased on page conversion from using Feefo has been fantastic. Far higher than we initially anticipated.”

Managing Director, Travelzoo

Bamford Trading 

Bamford Trading

“After just one month we have already seen an increase in conversion rates on the Bamford Trading website from an average of 2.5% of visits to a current 4.98% (nearly 100% up) for January. Nothing else has changed on the site and so we have to put it down to the Feefo service and the additional confidence it has given our customers.”

Owner, Bamford Trading

Best Car Buyers  

Best Car Buyer

“Having a 97% Customer satisfaction rating, coupled with the stars appearing on Google organic and pay per click searches, means we have seen an improvement in the click through rate.”

Operations Manager, Best Car Buyer



Bamford Trading 

The Business Octopus

“Fresh content is now being added to our website via our customers, which is fantastic, continuing to add to our overall SEO and content marketing strategy. Our Google stars are a great recognition of trust and reliability for us, increasing our PPC CTR.”

Digital Marketing Manager, The Business Octopus

Serendipity Diamonds  

Serendipity Diamonds

“Referral traffic from Feefo comes with an extremely low bounce-rate, of 16% on average. People referred by spend far longer on our website than from other sources.”

Managing Director, Serendipity Diamonds

Moss Broass Reviews 

Moss Bross

“We see a higher conversion rate to sales when there is a Feefo recommendation next to a product. We can see product trends and listen to customer feedback instantly, which allows us to identify where issues are and resolve them equally fast.”

eCommerce Manager, Moss Bross

Modern Rugs Logo  

Modern Rugs

“Integrating the Feefo review system has been a key aspect of our growth strategy, enabling us to increase website traffic, decrease online marketing spend and give visitors to our website the confidence in our products and our service to make an informed purchase decision by looking at genuine customer reviews.”
Managing Director, Modern Rugs

"Partnering with Feefo has had a direct impact on customer confidence, and helped us to manage and improve the quality of our service by responding to, and acting on, the feedback we receive. Our Feefo ratings have also helped improve click-through from paid search, and improved our on-site conversion rate too."

Managing Director,