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User generated content

When deployed correctly this is the best tactic to increase your Search Engine Optimisation. Feefo collects organic user generated content with relevant key words every time someone leaves feedback.  We are set up to optimise the content to deliver the most benefit possible from every single customer review.

Product links direct to your product pages

All the Feefo packages allow your feedback to automatically link directly to your product page. This continuously creates quality links to every page on your site, generated every time someone leaves feedback. The links are INBOUND only from Feefo without reciprocation, another requirement of Google’s!

Displaying text

By setting Feefo up to display feedback on your product pages you increase your chances of Google registering your pages in their Main Index rather than their Supplemental Index. This allows your products to appear in online search results and increases the chances of someone clicking through to buy from you.

Honest feedback

Search Engines look for genuine, unedited feedback from real customers and can tell when a company is just paying to have feedback written about themselves or editing their reviews. Through Feefo there is no way to leave feedback unless the customer has made a purchase, nor can you remove feedback just because you don't like it. This gives your customers the same security that purchasers feel on eBay. And you can publish full replies to feedback to show how you deal with customer dissatisfaction.

Automatic updates

Once set up, Feefo automatically updates your site with the fresh feedback as it arrives, which makes sure you don’t need to spend anytime collating and posting feedback yourself.

Facebook and Twitter

Feedback can be used for ‘Social Commerce’.  By allowing your customers to post their feedback on Facebook and Twitter, you give your brand lots of free publicity.