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Partnership Terms & Conditions


Partnership between Feefo Holdings Limited


The Partner

The basic purpose of this agreement is to outline the terms of a mutually beneficial business relationship between the above 2 companies.

“The Product”

Feefo provides an independent feedback and review service for e-commerce and non e-commerce business.


Where possible, The Partner will facilitate direct or indirect introductions to businesses and organisations for Feefo, where The Partner has a direct relationship with or has a personal contact, in order to facilitate that introduction.

Feefo grants The Partner a non-exclusive right to use the Feefo trade name and logos, in connection with marketing of the Feefo service, in order to indicate that The Partner has a relationship with Feefo and that our service is part of The Partner’s product portfolio. Feefo also grants the right to use and display Feefo copyrighted materials (including printed materials included with the service), but solely in connection with and to the extent necessary for the marketing, distribution and support of the Feefo service under this Agreement.

Any information exchanged and shared about each company’s client base, prospect base and contact list will be treated with the strictest confidentiality, remain the property of the individual company and not be used for any other purpose than to facilitate business between The Partner and Feefo Holdings Limited.

On the occasion that an introduction to a company is a duplication of a contact, business or organisation that already exists within Feefo, the spirit and good faith of the agreement will be that, should the additional introduction accelerate the dialogue with the said opportunity, resulting in business being achieved, then this will be deemed as a fresh introduction and remuneration will be given accordingly.

Commercial Terms

With regard to introductions to Feefo, and on achieving a successful outcome, it is agreed that:

  • The Partner will receive an agreed % revenue share of all monthly subscriptions to Feefo, from the business transactions that The Partner introduced.
  • The revenue commission will be ongoing, for as long as the introduced client continues to be a business client of Feefo.
  • This revenue share will be paid by Feefo to The Partner, quarterly in arrears. Feefo will require an invoice to cover the net amount of revenue share earned each quarter. Feefo will inform The Partner of the amount to be invoiced within 7 days of the end of each quarter.
  • Should the introduced client be in arrears themselves for payment of the service, then Feefo reserve the right to withhold payment of that revenue share amount until the account is settled and paid up to date.
  • There is no limit to the amount of revenue paid, nor the length of payments, for as long as The Partner has a business relationship with Feefo.