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Do you have clients selling on the web? Can your business be described as one of the following:-

  • Web Development Agency
  • Web or Digital Marketing Agency
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • SEO specialist
  • E-commerce platform providers
  • Web Analytics company

Why become a business partner with Feefo?

  1. By having Feefo as part of your product portfolio, we are giving your business a great opportunity to communicate with your client base about a significant e-commerce strategy that’s hot right now, with major tangible business benefits for your clients – that will make you look great!
  2. Feefo delivers what Google are looking for; key word rich, genuine, user generated content that is being constantly updated and spread across all product pages. Populating otherwise static pages boosts their chances of appearing in Google’s Main Index rather than being demoted into the Supplementary Index.
  3. By using Feefo as a topic for discussion with your client, it offers a further opportunity to engage with your client on other products/services you provide – great excuse to pick up the phone and talk to your client!
  4. Reviews and Feedback are very much seen as major strategic marketing tool for e-commerce business – as a partner of Feefo, you are keeping your clients aware of new online marketing techniques with the ONLY verified feedback system on the market!
  5. Your clients want to engage with Social Media – Feefo is one of THE most cost-effective ways of driving marketing activity through Facebook and Twitter. Your clients WILL thank you for introducing Feefo to them!
  6. Recurring revenue share! You get a very handsome portion of the monthly subscription fee – every month, month in month out, for as long as your client remains our client. As an example, 1 successful client introduction a month over a year could mean you earn £3000 PER MONTH every month. A new revenue stream that requires no work from you!
  7. Do it again for another year and that figure is £6000 PER MONTH!
  8. We were voted Supplier of the Year to the E-commerce community in 2010 and have the most robust feedback service on the market – be part of our success and create more of your own!

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