How do I leave feedback for one of your customers?
All our customers volunteer to send us details of every sale that they make. We send you an email based on this information. You usually will receive this between one week and four weeks of the sale.
Do I have to answer the feefo feedback emails?
Of course not! We are delighted if you do so, and believe that your comments will be useful both to other customers and to your supplier.
Can I opt out of feefo emails?
At the bottom of every email we send we offer you the opportunity to opt out. You can use the same link to opt in again later if you want.
I think my supplier or feefo have breached my Data Protection rights - what do you have to say?
We take Data Protection very seriously. Our job is to act on behalf of our supplier members, all of whom are also very conscious of their duties under the DPA. When you decide to buy from one of our members, you are implicitly giving permission for them to use your details as necessary in fulfilling their part of the bargain. This means that, for some purposes (such as delivering products to your door) they have to pass on your details.

In this spirit, they pass on the minimum required details to us, and we are obliged to keep those details safe, and not to use them for any other purpose except in relation to the transaction that you undertook with your suppliers.

That's why you will never receive marketing emails from us. It would be illegal.
What does feefo stand for?

Feefo stands for 'Feedback Forum', but this is a slight misnomer, since we do not allow anyone to make comments, but only those who have made purchases

Can I change my rating if the company fix my problem, or upset me later?

Yes you can. When they write a response to you, you will be notified by email from Feefo. That email will contain a link which will allow you to amend your initial score. Occasionally some businesses will restrict this ability (for operational reasons) in which case you can contact them or us by email (

You can also usually use the link on the original email to write follow-up comments, even if the supplier has not been in direct contact with you

Do feefo ban any type of feedback?

We use industry-standard profanity filters, so we don't cause offense to anyone by publishing customer remarks. We have only banned one or two (in over a million) people from leaving further comments, as they clearly abused the forum, in a potentially libellous way.

We do edit to remove personal details, either your details, or the details of others that you may have included in your feedback. We also remove remarks that are clearly untrue, though this is very rare indeed

Feefo stands by its aim of ensuring that the rating we present for any of our supplier members is a true reflection of their customer satisfaction rating, so we try not to edit unless absolutely necessary.

Can I nominate businesses that I think should be on feefo?

Unfortunately not

Our members have all voluntarily signed up to feefo, as they believe that a feefo rating is by far the best indicator to their customers that they value their custom, and will do their best on behalf of their customers

What if I haven’t received a feedback request that I thought I should have?

If you purchased from one of our members then you should receive a feedback request. This usually comes within a few days of you receiving your purchase. If it still has not then please contact your supplier or contact us with details about your purchase by emailing

I can’t find the feedback I left on feefo.

All feedback is posted on the feefo website provided it does not contain profanities or contravenes any legal rights. In some cases there is a period of a few days between you submitting a comment and it being posted on to feefo. This is to allow suppliers time to reply. To search for your comment click here and find your supplier. Use the tab above the scores to get to the product you purchased and see the comments below. If you still believe your comment isn’t posted then email us on

I can’t find the feedback I left on the suppliers site I bought it from.

Firstly check in our list of members that your supplier is listed. If they are it could be that they have received numerous reviews since yours was submitted which has push it off the list which is shown. Suppliers are encouraged but not forced to show all reviews. They cannot under any circumstances edit the overall scores given by feefo members however.

What if I just want to contact my supplier?

That is absolutely fine. You may already have contact details otherwise you will find an link to email them at the bottom of the feedback request we emailed to you.

Will my details be seen by others?

No. Only your supplier can see your details.

I want to leave feedback on the suppliers site but can’t see where to do so?

You may only leave feedback via feefo if you are invited to and you are only invited to if you purchased something from one of our members. You cannot leave feedback on feefo by logging in anywhere.

How can feefo guarantee all the feedback is from genuine customers?

Following a sale, each one of our members informs feefo by sending us data. This data contains information such at a person’s name, their email address, what they bought and when. It is because of this data that feefo knows who to invite to leave feedback. This guarantees that all the feedback left is genuine.

Will my details be used for anything else?

No. Your details are used once by feefo to ask for feedback and only about the purchase you made with a supplier.

Why should I leave feedback?

Honest feedback enables suppliers to see what they are doing well and what they need to do better at. They can then make better decisions about how to put things right and make their business better for future customers.

What will I be asked?

You will be asked two questions. 1) please rate the service and 2) please rate the products you purchased. You will need to answer ‘Excellent, Good, Poor or Bad’ for each one and leave a comment.

How long does it take to leave feedback.

It can take as little as 15 seconds to leave feedback. Have a go!

Do I have to answer all my feedback via Feefo?
You don't have to but it would be unusual to invite feedback only to ignore it. The opportunity afforded by showing others how you deal with unhappy customers is too good to miss. It builds brand credibility to do so. We don't feel that you have to answer or thank all the people who leave positive feedback, although some clients do.
Do I need to reply to any feedback at all?
We'd suggest that if you don't want to respond to the issues raised by negative feedback, you will be missing out on a significant financial return on investment, since your business will appear to be uncaring. When you post a reply, the customer gets a chance to re-rate their experience with you, so you can turn negatives into positives.
What's the best way to answer negative feedback?
Essentially this is down to your brand guidelines. If a customer makes a specific point, it is a good idea to acknowledge all the issues they raise. Do use 'personable' language, keep the replies short, to the point and DON'T use 'over formal' business language. Don't say 'Someone will call' - if you plan to speak to people, refer to a call that has already taken place, it's more credible. See the section on Sample Replies to Feedback
Can I stop negative feedback from appearing on my site?
You can do, the first way is best. We are happy to support the idea that negative feedback is most helpful to all parties when the negative has a company response posted to show how the business reacts and fixes problems, so we can delay negative feedback without a reply for up to 2 working days, to allow time for a reply. The other way is simply to select positives, but this runs the risk that people may want to know what the problems are with a service or product and they may leave your site to visit Feefo to see the negative feedback and (hopefully) response. It's probably best to embrace the whole approach and commit to answering the reviews quickly.
Does Feefo allow any moderation at all?
We have industry standard Profanity Filters to prevent bad language and this is automatic. We will also remove - on request - anything that is legally contentious, defamatory or breaches privacy. It is the case that less than .001% of our feedback has so far fallen into this category
What happens if a customer writes something legally contentious and it then appears on my site?
Feefo will remove this as soon as it is brought to our attention
Is it true that Feefo only displays the content on the Feefo site, not on their clients' site?
This is not true. We are flexible in our approach but our preference is that you use our XML feed to incorporate the Feefo reviews onto the actual content of your page. Some clients choose to use a link based display of their reviews but this is NOT our recommended approach.
Are we allowed to manage the sending of the emails ourselves?
This is technically difficult due to the way we work. That said, the email (and the subject line) is entirely customisable to reflect your brand if you choose to take the time to do it.
How many questions can I ask my customers through Feefo?
The main benefit of Feefo is our very high response rate and we are not so much a survey tool as a quick, high volume opinion gatherer. Our core is to ask people to tell us what they think of your overall service and then comment about and rate each product or service they have bought, so one question per item. Interestingly, our feedback from clients who have asked for additional questions is that they learn MORE by asking LESS!
Will you upload the data each week for me?
It is such a simple process that you will have no trouble doing it yourself, but we could do this for you if needed for a modest charge - contact us for details. Most businesses exchange their sales data with us automatically.
Who decides when the emails get sent out inviting people to leave their feedback?
You, our client, decide when the emails are sent and this is entirely editable.
Can Feefo operate in any other languages than German and English?
We can deploy in any language, though this usually takes a month or so to ensure that the translation is suitable and complete as far as your customers are concerned.
Can I upload an Excel or CSV file to Feefo?
Feefo works best on a tab delimited text file, but can accept Excel 2003 - 2007 or earlier. The newest version of Excel seems problematic but we are working on constant upgrades. CSV files are not accepted.
Are the Headings in the data file specific or can I just upload any file with the relevant data?
The headers must be identical to the sample file available in the technical details section
Can I edit the email that my customers receive?
Yes, it is fully editable subject to sign off by Feefo (since we are the originator of the email)
What sort of control do I have over my Feefo account (IE what can I change and what do I need Feefo to change)?
There is very little that Feefo can do that our clients cannot. Removal or editing of a customer comment being the only one worth mentioning.
We are sensitive to mentions of competitor names in our feedback. What do we do if people mention these in their feedback, can we delete them?
Good point. We have been known to allow this and charge for it for the time spent. Any edits are made clear to consumers and it must be balanced. If you want the references removed from negative feedback, they must also be removed from positive too. It's an understandable concern and we'll work with you to ensure you can use Feefo with confidence.
I've been uploading data every day for the last week and not received any feedback. What am I doing wrong?
It's probable that you've been manually uploading data and not completing the upload. There is a confirmation screen where you see the first ten lines of your upload. Check that this all looks as it should, then make sure you click the link at the bottom of the page: 'Store these uploaded values'. You'll then receive an email saying your upload was successful. No email = no upload!
I've got a resource problem and can't answer all my negative feedback within our normal timeframe, can I stop the emails from going out for a few days?
No problem. Go to the Edit Details page, and at the bottom of the Advanced Settings page, there is a box 'Emails per day'. Set this at 0 and no emails will go out. Or you can set any number you like so your emails are staggered.
My categories in Feefo aren't correct. What do I do?
Send us a new definitive list to and we'll get them aligned correctly. The data we need is a full list of your SKU's and the categories they are in. In Excel.